Retrial Begins For Suspected Texas Murderer Who Allegedly Preyed On Seniors

The retrial for any suspected Texas murderer charged with targeting seniors women is going ahead.

Opening statements started on Monday within the trial for Billy Chemirmir, 49, who faces a capital murder charge within the dying of Lu Harris, 81, KDFW reports. 

A mistrial was declared in November within the same situation, following the 12 presiding jurors stated they were deadlocked 11 to at least one. Harris’ 2018 slaying is among 18 capital murder charges — all involving seniors women — which Chemirmir have been indicted. Prosecutors say he targeted many North Texas senior living facility residents while either being employed as healthcare staff or impersonating maintenance personnel in the facilities. Most of the deaths were initially listed as because of natural causes.

Lead Prosecutor Glen Fitzmartin told the jurors on Monday the evidence against Chemirmir has me overwhelmed.

“The secrets of Lu Harris’ house have been in his possession,” he stated, KDFW reports. “The particular secrets of her house have been in his possession when he’s arrested.”

The prosecution has introduced recorded testimony of other alleged victims, including survivor Mary Bartel, 91, who Chemirmir allegedly attempted to smother to dying in 2018.

“He stated, ‘Don’t fight me. Lie around the bed,’” Bartel stated for the reason that recording.

Right before police arrested him regarding the that alleged incident, they caught him tossing a jewellery box right into a dumpster, which brought these to Harris’ body.

On Tuesday, Harris’ boy-in-law, Richard Rinehart, was known as to explain within the detail the jewellery he understood her to put on regularly, which investigators say was discovered in Chemirmir’s possession, NBC DFW reports.

The defense chose to not make a dent statement.

Additionally towards the 18 deaths that he’s been formally billed, investigators also have allegedly linked Chemirmir to 6 additional deaths between 2016 and 2018, the Dallas Morning News reported.

In March, Chemirmir told the Dallas Morning News that he’s “not a killer.”

“I am a really innocent person,” he maintained.

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