Report Finds Officials Unsuccessful You Prioritized Harmony Montgomery’s ‘Wellbeing And Safety’

Within the years before Harmony Montgomery disappeared, Massachusetts officials unsuccessful you prioritized her “individual needs, wellbeing and safety” and placed her in her own father’s care without correct checks and evaluations, according to a different report.

The 101-page report released through the state’s Office from the Child Advocate (OCA) details the instability Harmony faced in her own existence from the moment she only agreed to be 2 several weeks old, as she bounced between her mother, Very Sorey, a promote family before eventually being put into the child custody of her father, Adam Montgomery.

“The key and central finding within this analysis and report are that Harmony’s individual needs, wellbeing and safety weren’t prioritized or considered with an equal footing using the assertion of her parents’ right to look after her in almost any part of the making decisions by condition entity,” government bodies stated within the report.

It procedes to describe “the ripple aftereffect of miscalculations of risk as well as an unequal weight put on parents’ legal rights versus a child’s wellbeing.”

Harmony is not seen since late 2019, when she is at the child custody of her father, who’s presently in jail facing allegations he mistreated Harmony earlier that year.

“We don’t know Harmony Montgomery’s ultimate fate and, regrettably, we might never,” OCA Director Maria Mossaides stated in a press conference announcing the report’s findings, based on CNN. “But we all do realize that this beautiful youthful girl experienced many tragedies in her own short existence.”

Harmony was created having a unique group of special needs—something OCA stated officials unsuccessful to completely consider when creating her placement decisions.

“Medical experts thought that Harmony would not have the ability to see or that they could be seriously disabled. However, Harmony defied expectations,” the report states. “Although blind in a single eye, she increased more powerful with every passing week. As she increased right into a toddler it had been obvious that although she’d visual disabilities, she’d developed superior coping mechanisms in addition to a knack for overcoming challenges.”

Harmony was taken off her mother’s child custody and put into the proper care of the state’s Department of kids and Families (DCF) when she only agreed to be 2 several weeks old after officials determined that Sorey “continued to have a problem with substance use” and set Harmony’s “safety and wellbeing” in danger. Adam Montgomery, who had been no more with Sorey, have been incarcerated at that time.

Harmony continued to be within the child custody of DCF until Feb of 2019, bouncing between Sorey and also the same promote family, as DCF ongoing you prioritized “multiple reunifications” between Sorey and Harmony.

“The result, however, was significant placement instability for Harmony, as she was moved backwards and forwards between Ms. Sorey’s home and the house of her promote parents’ multiple occasions, causing significant trauma and delaying permanency for Harmony,” officials authored.

Her promote parents had expressed towards the DCF situation management team they believed Harmony was “experiencing trauma” in the repeated attempts at reunification.

Montgomery—who had largely been from the picture—was “non-responsive” towards the DCF situation management team “for lengthy amounts of time.” The report mentioned that “no assessment was ever completed” on Montgomery and that he “was not attributed for beginning and finishing tasks on his plan of action.”

Yet in Feb of 2019, Montgomery was awarded full child custody of his daughter with a juvenile court—despite only getting seen his daughter during condition-supervised visits totaling an believed 40 hrs between his stints in prison—and was permitted to maneuver her to Nh.

“There wasn’t any discussion about how Harmony could securely transition to Mr. Montgomery’s care, because of the short time he’d spent together with her,” the OCA stated in an announcement released using the report. “This insufficient concentrate on Harmony led to a miscalculation from the risks to Harmony when she was devote Mr. Montgomery’s child custody, and there wasn’t any planning to make sure that the child custody arrangement could be effective.”

Based on the report, the DCF attorney also didn’t present a powerful legal situation opposing placing Harmony in her own father’s care with no consideration was handed to her “unique needs.”

“Harmony’s attorney agreed with Harmony being put into Mr. Montgomery’s child custody, and for that reason didn’t present any evidence or question Mr. Montgomery on Harmony’s specific medical needs, her educational needs, her behavior needs, nor Harmony’s daily schedule or support system,” government bodies stated.

The court also awarded Montgomery full child custody with no home study with the Interstate Compact of Keeping Children (ICPS), a contract between states to facilitate the position of kids across a condition border.

When the ICPC procedure have been applied, OCA believes it might “have helped to deal with safety and risk concerns for Harmony in Mr. Montgomery’s care,” including confirming the family’s circumstances, creating his sobriety and making certain oversight from the placement with the Nh DCYF, government bodies authored within their statement.

“By not putting her and her needs first, our bodies ultimately unsuccessful her,” Mossaides stated. “We owe it to her to help make the changes essential to allow our bodies to complete better later on.”

Sorey reported her daughter missing in November of 2021 after not getting talked to her since a FaceTime call around Easter time of 2019.

Montgomery told government bodies he hadn’t seen his daughter since he came back Harmony to Sorey’s care around Thanksgiving of 2019—a claim which she’s denied.

He’s presently in prison after being billed captured with second-degree legal assault, two misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of a kid and interference with child custody because of allegations he had given his daughter a black eye within the summer time of 2019.

Harmony’s stepmom, Kayla Montgomery, seemed to be indicted in March for any legal control of thievery by deceptiveness, for allegedly receiving food stamp benefits intended for Harmony after November of 2019 despite the fact that she understood the lady wasn’t any lengthy in her own care.  

As a result of the OCA report, Sorey told WCVB that Montgomery must have never received child custody of his daughter.

“For me it simply proves how badly they unsuccessful my daughter. Irrrve never missed a trip. Child custody to Adam was not recommended He’s a violent person,” she stated.

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