Remains Discovered By Mushroom Hunters In 1983 Are Recognized As Victim Of Murderer Ray Eyler

Government bodies have identified human remains present in a shallow grave in Indiana in 1983 like a victim of murderer Ray Eyler.

Greater than 37 years following the remains of 4 human physiques were found on March.18, 1983 in Lake Village, Indiana by mushroom hunters, the Newton County Coroner’s Office has positively identified among the men, known simply as “Brad Doe” for pretty much 40 years, as John Ingram Brandenburg Junior. of Chicago, based on a news release announcing the identification.

“While me breaks with this family, I’m grateful they finally have several the solutions they’ve anxiously waited such a long time for, and that i hope this brings them some peace,” Chief Deputy Prosecutor Rebecca Goddard stated inside a release through the DNA Doe Project, who handled the identification effort plus the coroner’s office.

All men were drugged and murdered by deceased murderer Ray Eyler, who had been referred to as Highway Killer.

Government bodies had formerly identified two other victims as Michael Bauer and John Bartlett, departing only one man referred to as “Adam Doe” still unknown.

The sufferers were found inside a shallow grave in an abandoned barn off US-41.

After decades of the inability to identify Brandenburg—who was known by his mother as “Johnny”—the Newton County Coroner’s Office teamed using the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and also the DNA Doe Project at the end of 2019 to consider a brand new consider the situation.

They used DNA retrieved to in the body to accomplish whole genome sequencing which was later submitted towards the family history and genealogical database GEDmatch to try and look for a biological relative from the victim. Government bodies found a “close relative” that helped them result in the positive identification.

“Our hearts are with your family and communities impacted by John’s loss,” team leader L. Elias Chan stated. “It’s on their behalf that people commit ourselves to assisting police force during these difficult identifications.”

The coroner’s office has declined to produce any more details about the situation before the household is with time to grieve, government bodies stated.

Eyler died imprisonment in 1994 from complications from AIDS, The Chicago Tribune reported at that time.

He’d been sentenced to dying in 1986 for that 1984 fatal stabbing of 15-year-old Daniel Bridges. The teen’s dismembered body was later present in a garbage bin.

Attorney Kathleen Zellner, who symbolized Eyler in the appeal, stated the charged killer ongoing to keep he’d not wiped out Bridges even on his dying bed.

Many years earlier, in 1990, Eyler had confessed and it was charged of killing another man, 23-year-old Steven Agan in Indiana in 1982.

That very same year, he’d been ready to confess to greater than 20 other killings in Illinois and Indiana in return for existence imprisonment, however the condition declined to barter with him, the paper reported at that time.

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