Reason for Dying Released For Alleged Cult Leader Found Mummified, Without Eyes And Covered With Christmas Lights

Several weeks after an alleged cult leader was discovered mummified and covered in sparkles in the rural Colorado home, an autopsy has determined her reason for dying.

Lia “Amy” Carlson — known by her supporters as “Mother God” — died because of alcohol abuse, anorexia, and colloidal silver consumption, based on an El Paso County Coroner’s Office autopsy report acquired through the Daily Animal. Colloidal silver is really a metal that’s been promoted on the web and in certain social circles as both a nutritional and healing supplement however, medical officials warn it’s harmful and ineffective. 

In April, the 45-year-old spiritual leader of Love Has Won is discovered mummified together with her eyes missing. Her remains have been decorated with Christmas lights and glitter makeup and covered with a eco-friendly sleeping bag with what made an appearance to become a shrine of sorts. 

“There was some makeup around the corpse and a few essential oils, incense — things like that to manage the give an impression of the remains,” Saguache County Sheriff Dan Warwick told in May.

Investigators made the harsh discovery after certainly one of Carlson’s supporters known as to report the corpse. Miguel Lamboy, 42, told detectives he found a grey corpse with missing eyes in the home after inviting several Love Has Won to stick with him, based on a probable cause statement formerly acquired by

Love Has Won people Ryan Kramer, John Robertson, Jason Castillo, Christopher Royer, Ma Obdulia Franco-Gonzalez, Karin Raymond, and Sarah Rudolph were billed with abuse of the corpse and child abuse because of that discovery.

Saguache County Coroner Tom Perrin told The Daily Animal in May there was absolutely nothing to indicate any foul play. He formerly told the Denver Publish that autopsy outcome was delayed because he attempted to locate a lab that tested physiques for metals.

This past year, Carlson told the Dr. Phil show she’d advanced cancer. The coroner’s report noted they found a thyroid which was “grossly in line with a colloid,” but didn’t find proof of metastatic cancer, the Daily Animal reports.

Love Has Won relies in Crestone, Colorado and also the questionable movement continues to be accused of “brainwashing people and stealing their money” by families over the U . s . States. Carlson had claimed is the reincarnation of Joan of Arc and Lana Turner, Moving Stone reports.

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