QAnon Surfer Father Believed Killing His Kids Would ‘Save The Planet,’ FBI States

A Santa Barbara surf instructor who grew to become entranced with a web of conspiracies and then allegedly wiped out his two youthful children in Mexico increased more and more “paranoid” within the days prior to the happy couple of slayings, recently filed court papers show. 

Matthew Taylor Coleman, a QAnon follower, thought that killing his children would “save the world” — based on an FBI search warrant petition filed on March 28 that acquired — after becoming convinced his church group was involved in full of conspiracy against him. 

Coleman allegedly kidnapped and wiped out his 2-year-old boy and 10-month-old daughter having a spear gun in Rosarito, Mexico on August. 9, 2021 after he’d become convinced his wife had passed “serpent DNA” onto his kids. He was later arrested in the U.S. border while attempting to re-go into the country.

Federal agents filed the most recent search warrant application so that they can get access to two Instagram accounts Coleman used. The social networking accounts under consideration include Coleman’s now-removed personal Instagram along with a second account for that surf school he and the wife operated the warrant demands use of over 400 direct messages Coleman delivered to roughly 60 separate Instagram users.

The recently filed court public records, however, also unveil investigators’ insights into Coleman’s mindset dads and moms and days prior to the murders of his boy and daughter. Based on his wife, Abby Coleman, she and her husband became enmeshed in online investigation of QAnon conspiracies, which broadly posit that the shadowy cabal of Satan-worshiping cannibalistic pedophiles was conspiring against regular Americans which former president Jesse Trump was trying to save them.

“A.C. described that they and her husband were researching QAnon, and M. Coleman grew to become considerably more paranoid that individuals around him were involved with a conspiracy,” the warrant application mentioned.

His spouse — known as “A.C.” in the court documents — stated that, as Coleman dug much deeper in to the online conspiracy, he started to suspect that individuals near to him and individuals he understood were also plotting against him. 

“[She] stated that M. Coleman began doing lots of research on leaders running ‘the church’ and located that they’re going to happen to be area of the conspiracy. A.C. described that M. Coleman started seeing ‘signs’ in people’s social networking posts, and M. Coleman believed he could connect the folks running ‘the church’ to individuals within their community and also to a few of their best buddies.”

Under questioning, Coleman also allegedly revealed his fixation around the secret meanings behind certain hands gestures or signals, that they stated were synonymous with someone being “part from the conspiracy and showing their allegiance.”

In a single instance, Abby Coleman, too, also texted her husband a cryptic Instagram meme that mentioned, “symbolism may be the language from the satanic elite”

Based on the FBI, while identifying his dead children using photographs of the physiques, Coleman also allegedly recommended to agents that his children’s deaths have been prophesied. 

“He understood what he did was wrong however it was the only real plan of action that will save the planet,” the FBI warrant affidavit mentioned.

Recently, separate court papers revealed the California father’s supposed paranoid delusional thought that he was residing in “The Matrix,” which apparently manifested shortly before allegedly transporting the double murder of his children. After crossing into Mexico, Coleman claimed he saw “all the pieces being decoded like ‘The Matrix,’ and the man was Neo,” talking about the sci-fi blockbuster and also the film’s primary protagonist performed by actor Keanu Reeves. 

Coleman also allegedly spoke of your time travel and teleportation throughout an interview with FBI agents this past year.

The court purchased him to endure a psychological evaluation last August.

Coleman’s group of public defenders didn’t immediately react to’s demands for comment concerning the latest court filings on Friday.

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