Prosecutors Accidentally Release ‘Main Client’ List From Lady Allegedly Forced Into Sex Work By Lawrence Ray

The “main clients” of the lady prosecutors say was forced into sex work by alleged cult leader Lawrence Ray were accidentally released through the Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s Office now during Ray’s ongoing federal trial.

Their email list of clients, that was said to be under seal, was mistakenly submitted to some public file discussing system on Monday night prior to being rapidly taken lower, based on The Brand New You are able to Publish.

After acknowledging the error, government bodies advised the press to not share their email list, this was produced in 2018 by Claudia Drury, a lady government bodies say was made to prostitute herself after which turn the believed $2.5 million she earned to Ray as payment for alleged wrongs he claimed she’d committed against him.

Drury have been testifying Tuesday concerning the many years of abuse she stated she suffered as a result of Ray as he all of a sudden grew to become ill and needed to be rushed towards the hospital for that second time per week, postponing the trial all over again.

Before Ray was wheeled from the courtroom on the stretcher, Drury testified that Ray used threats, violence, humiliation and violence to manage a little number of university students after getting into his daughter’s Sarah Lawrence College dorm room this year.

“He slapped me hard so difficult I fell over, pulled my hair, strangled me, suffocated me, struck me,” she stated, based on CBS News. “He threatened to place me in prison numerous occasions. He threatened to kill me on the memorable occasion. He threatened to chop my face, have me kidnapped and dropped in the centre East.”

Drury stated Ray’s threats of violence also extended to her family, threatening to blackmail people she understood or threatening to conquer up her father.

Drury—like other people of group referred to as “The Ray Family”—said Ray forced her to record bogus confessions on video, falsely acknowledging to attempting to poison him or damage his property.

Prosecutors have stated Ray then used the tapes to extort money from his victims.

In Drury’s situation, she testified that they was made to give the “extreme majority” of cash she earned being employed as a prostitute, based on The Brand New You are able to Daily News.

She switched towards the sex operate in 2015 so that they can receives a commission to repay financial obligations she believed she owed Ray at that time.

“I desired to repair things i believed I’d completed to Ray,” she testified. “But the level that I grew to become a prostitute and the quantity of people I saw … it had been since i felt immense pressure from Ray to obtain money for him.”

She made the gradual proceed to sex work after realizing that Ray always appeared pleased when she spoken to him about her sexual encounters. Ray and the alleged “lieutenant” and enforcer Isabella Pollok—who is facing her very own group of charges—allegedly encouraged Drury to have relations with random other people, once declaring that to have relations with her taxi driver instead of having to pay the fare, she stated, based on the New You are able to Publish.

Pollok has denied the allegations against her.

Drury testified that they started working in a sex club where she took part in violent BDSM sexual encounters using the club’s manager. In a single particularly brutal episode, she stated she’d been hit having a 2-by-4.

She later transitioned to working in an escort service before eventually advertising her very own services in online ads.

While she initially billed her clients $250 an hour or so, she later elevated the rates up to $2,000 an hour or so, seeing as much as seven clients per day, based on her testimony. A lot of the money ended up being paid to Ray, she stated, based on CBS News.

Drury testified that they felt pressured by Ray to carry on the sex work, while residing in high-class Manhattan hotels or visiting various metropolitan areas to satisfy a top-notch listing of clients.

Drury once attempted to inform Ray she believed the job was impacting her health, confessing that they believed she was developing bulimia, but she stated Ray just accused her of “trying to sabotage earning money.”

Ray, now 62, is facing a number of charges against him including sex trafficking and extortion. He’s pleaded not liable within the situation.

If charged, he could address existence imprisonment.

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