Prosecution And Defense Rest In Josh Duggar’s Child Pornography Trial

Jurors will quickly be given the job of figuring out whether former reality star Josh Duggar downloaded child pornography while working at his Arkansas vehicle dealership, or if he’s a harmless bystander targeted with a “hit and run” hacker who downloaded the illicit material.

Prosecutors and also the defense— who both rested their situation Tuesday mid-day — have colored vastly different portrayals of methods the kid sex abuse materials got onto Duggar’s workplace pc and who could result in installing the pictures in May of 2019.

Each side are anticipated to provide their closing arguments within the high-profile trial Wednesday, prior to the federal situation is going to be handed towards the jury to find out Duggar’s fate, People reports.

Prosecutors have alleged that Duggar was accountable for installing the pictures over a number of days in May 2019 after installing a Linux partition that basically divided the hard disk on his work computer in 2 to help keep the kid sex abuse images hidden from view. They pointed towards the password accustomed to connect to the partitioned area of the computer “Intel1988” as evidence that Duggar themself had setup the machine, noting the password not just incorporated Duggar’s birth year of 1988 but additionally would be a password he’d utilized on other personal accounts.

Key prosecution witness James Fottrell, a pc forensics expert and Technology Investigative Unit director also provided jurors with key time-and-place data obtained from Duggar’s iPhone, texts and photos that apparently placed him in the vehicle dealership at that time the same time frame the pictures were downloaded.

The defense team, however, relied heavily on testimony from computer forensic expert Michele Plant, certainly one of just two witnesses known as through the defense, who recommended a “hit and run” hacker had remotely utilized the pc and downloaded the pictures before disappearing undetected, People reports.

Plant also belittled investigators because of not appropriating all of the electronics in the dealership, together with a router, which she stated were built with a “universal plug and play” feature enabled that will have weakened the network from outdoors security threats.

She described the “manual triage” process investigators had used throughout a search from the property to find out which electronics to get as getting “serious limitations,” based on local station KNWA.

While being asked through the defense on Tuesday, Plant also asked a few of the place and time data presented through the prosecution, particularly an image of the HP monitor having a reflection visible inside it that made an appearance to become Duggar.

As the photo was discovered with an iPhone backup on Duggar’s personal Macbook Pro laptop, Plant stated it didn’t always imply that the iPhone had the photo.

“Just since the phone exists doesn’t mean the telephone required it,” she stated, based on the local news outlet.

She added the photo might have been received inside a text or by a few other means.

Although Plant had testified that they believed evidence recommended an online user had downloaded the kid sexual abuse images, she accepted while being asked by prosecutor William Clayman that they had “no idea” if the images have been streamed in your area or off-site and stated evidence she’d have required to see whether remote access had happened wasn’t open to her.

Clayman also honed in around the circumstantial links to Duggar—like the password and comments he earned to investigators he have been lately configuring his router—and the kid pornography downloads, People reports. Plant stated around the stand that they didn’t realize the password contained Duggar’s birth year before the trial.

“I allow the evidence speak by itself,” she stated, adding that her focus have been on the pc forensics.

The defense also known as Daniel Wilcox, an old Homeland Security Investigators task pressure member and Rogers Police Department narcotics officer, who was simply given the job of visiting the vehicle dealership while undercover to find out if Duggar was around the property.

Defense attorney Justin Gelfand recommended that government bodies have been exclusively centered on Duggar coupled with unsuccessful to consider other potential suspects within the situation.

During mix examination, Wilcox stated investigators had sent him towards the property because an Ip in Duggar’s name in the vehicle lot have been from the downloads from the child sex abuse materials.

While an early on potential witness list incorporated Duggar’s sister, Jill, just as one witness within the situation, she never was known as towards the stand.

Jill’s husband, Derick Dillard, who was simply within the courtroom for a lot of the testimony, told People he didn’t believe there is enough “reasonable doubt” to convict his brother-in-law.

Following the defense rested around 2 p.m., prosecutors known as Fottrell to the stand as rebuttal witness to refute a few of the claims Plant had made around the stand.

Also, he provided some “demonstrative exhibits” towards the jury that demonstrated how simple the procedure is always to use a Linux partition and stream the pictures from the URL.

Also, he made an appearance to get rid of Gelfand’s references to the potential of remote access and questions regarding streaming illegal content.

“I’m unsure remote access is pertinent,” he stated.

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