Police Investigated After Aggressive Shoplifting Arrest Of Seniors Lady With Dementia

A nearby District Attorney’s Office in Colorado is investigating the Loveland Police Department, following a hostile arrest by officials of the seniors lady with dementia. 

The eighth Judicial District Attorney’s Office announced on Monday they have requested the official overview of the 2020 arrest of Karen Garner, 73. 

Garner was arrested on June 26 through the Loveland Police Department after Walmart reported she’d shoplifted $13 price of products.

Sarah Schielke, Garner’s attorney, claims that Walmart forced her into the store and required the products, before she could offer to cover them, then she left the establishment. The costs against Garner were later ignored.

Footage from the body-worn camera, acquired through the Connected Press, shows the responding officer making up ground to Garner on a roadside.

“I don’t think you need to listen to it by doing this,” he tells her. Searching confused, Garner shrugs. The officer then physically restrains her.

“From time she got as much as her, within arm’s achieve, to as he grabbed her and strongly put her down and set her in handcuffs: eight seconds passed,” Schielke told the Connected Press.

The officer hogtied Garner on the floor as she stored repeating, “I’m going home.” 

Schielke states her client endured a fractured arm and dislocated shoulder consequently. She states Garner has dementia and physical aphasia. The attorney states her client continues to be withdrawn and depressed because the incident.

Garner filed a suit from the department to be used of excessive pressure and heavy bodily injuries throughout an arrest. Consequently, the Loveland Police Department place the responding officer on leave, they announced on April 15. An assisting officer continues to be reassigned. 

“LPD takes seriously the allegations in regards to the arrest of resident Karen Garner, and explains to the city the concerns about video images that grew to become public on Wednesday,” an announcement in the department reads.

The analysis announced through the district attorney’s office is going to be brought by Fort Collins Police Services and will also be aided by investigative staff in the District Attorney’s Office along with other partner agencies, such as the U . s . States Attorney’s Office for that District of Colorado and also the Fbi, based on a pr release.

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