Plumber Makes Astonishing Discovery Within The Wall Behind A Texas Megachurch’s Toilet That Seems To Become Associated With Stolen $600K

A plumber who accidentally happened upon a wad of stolen cash and checks — possibly totaling hundreds of 1000 dollars — behind a rest room of the Texas megachurch was awarded $20,000 for submiting the find.

On November. 10, plumber Justin Cauley discovered roughly 500 envelopes that contains a “large quantity of money” while renovating a rest room wall of the bathroom of Houston’s Lakewood Church. 

The undisclosed sum of money, checks, and cash orders is associated with an unsolved 2014 thievery of $600,000 in church donations, based on Houston Police, who’re investigating the incident. 

For seven years, the stolen money flummoxed church officials, parishioners, and police force.

“I removed the bathroom . and all sorts of so good stuff and that’s if this happened,” Cauley told on Friday. “I removed the insulation from the wall and also the envelopes were sitting immediately, you realize? These were stacked on the top of a few of the insulation then when I moved it over, all of them fell out.”

Police stated evidence in the checks based in the church’s bathroom suggests they’re attached to the initial thievery at Lakewood Church reported on March 9, 2014.

“Church people mentioned that in a renovation project, a lot of money — including cash, checks, and cash orders — put together in the wall,” Houston Police stated inside a statement.

Following a surreal discovery, Cauley contacted the church’s maintenance supervisor, who ultimately tipped off Houston Police.

“It was very, very shocking,” he remembered. “And that is why Used to do things i did. I acted pretty fast onto it. I did not waste virtually no time. I known as them and switched that in.”

Now, Houston Crime Stoppers announced they’d awarded Cauley $20,000 for quickly reporting the missing cash.

“It was just like a shooting star went straight over my mind,” Cauley stated, who remembered he was talking to his grandmother on the telephone as he discovered the reward. “We were praying. I’m really glad everything came through.”

In 2014, Lakewood Church gave Houston Crime Stoppers $20,000, that was offered up in exchange in order to help solve the situation. 2 yrs later, the church opted to give that cash to Crime Stoppers to cover its operations. 

“Today, we’re gifting that very same about of cash for this Good Samaritan and wishing he and the family an excellent holidays,” Houston Crime Stoppers Chief executive officer Rania Mankarious stated inside a statement.

Cauley, with a 1-year-old boy, described the reward like a blessing for his youthful family and small company, that have battled with the coronavirus pandemic.

“It arrived dire need,” he stated. “It only agreed to be an enormous blessing, especially in the finish of the season … work starts really slowing lower. 

Winter Storm Uri, which rocked Texas in Feb, bumped out power, heat, and water for countless homeowners, killing up to 200 people. The deadly snow storm also cost the 28-year-old plumber 1000s of dollars in damage to property, the repairs which, Cauley described, are ongoing. The reward, he stated, can help restore their battered home.

“[The] A/C unit goes out, a lot of house repairs, [and] obviously the baby’s getting bigger,” Cauley stated.

Cauley states also, he intends to donate a few of the Crime Stopper reward proceeds to pet save organizations within the Houston-area, like the SPCA. 

“I’m likely to help [by] distributing the wealth,” he stated.

Lakewood Church operates by American televangelist, Joel Osteen, whose viral sermons achieve millions of weekly viewers. The sprawling megachurch, among the largest in the usa, suits thousands of local worshippers. 

The church, which received fire because of not immediately phoning Cauley following the funds were retrieved, has asked the 28-year-old to the Sunday services a few days ago. Inside a statement delivered to on Thursday, Lakewood Church stated it had been “very grateful for Mr. Cauley.”

Dads and moms and days since, Cauley continues to be bombarded by telephone calls from journalists and reporters from round the country. In your area, he’s been dubbed the “most famous plumber On the planet.”

“It’s been a rollercoaster,” Cauley stated. “I’m not necessarily looking to get my name available or perhaps be famous anything, but that’s kind of how it happened.”

No more information was launched by Houston Police concerning the open analysis.

Written by Stephanie Green

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