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Pizzeria Owner Allegedly Wiped out Co-Owner And Boyfriend In Self-defense, Stored His Body In Bed room

A Pennsylvania pizzeria owner continues to be billed with murdering her co-owner and longtime partner and allegedly trying to bury him in her own front yard.

Anna Maria Tolomello, 48, was arraigned on Wednesday regarding the the shooting dying of missing man Giovanni Gallina, 65, based on the Dollars County District Attorney’s Office.

Gallina’s boy, who resides in Italia, alerted Hilltown Police on Tuesday he hadn’t had the ability to achieve of his father since March 16.

Based on court papers, Tolomello allegedly told Phillip Gallina that his father was on vacation on business and that he left his phone at Pina’s Pizza, the Chalfont restaurant the 2 jointly owned. She claimed she didn’t know when her live-in partner could be back and declined to inform his boy where Gallina had supposedly gone.

Employees in the pizzeria confirmed to police they hadn’t seen Gallina in certain time.

On Tuesday, police stated they interviewed an unnamed individual that claimed Tolomello had texted them on March 19 about utilizing their excavator to dig an opening within the front yard of her home in Hilltown Township, court public records show. Tolomello wouldn’t reveal why she wanted the witness to dig an opening but requested it’s seven ft lengthy, three ft wide and three ft deep.

She declined the witness’s assistance to fill the opening and stated she’d get it done herself. The witness and Tolomello exchanged messages , then the individual went and dug the opening as requested, while police surveilled the home.

Tolomello compensated the witness $350 for his services later on that day at Pina’s Pizzeria, where police stated the exchange was audio recorded. Once the witness requested Tolomello where Gallina was, she stated, “He is away.”

Afterwards Tuesday, Hilltown Police and also the Dollars County District Attorney’s Office acquired searching warrant and visited Tolomello and Gallina’s home.

“She advised she understood why police force was present,” mentioned police. “She told officials she must have contacted police force the other day.”

Police informed her to prevent speaking when, unprompted, she started confessing to Gallina’s murder, stating he was “wrapped up” and in their home.

Officials found Gallina covered with a blue tarp and comforter within the couple’s master bed room. He was still being putting on pajamas coupled with a black garbage bag over his mind.

His injuries were in line with a gunshot wound towards the mind, based on reports.

“Tolomello mentioned that [on] the night of March 16, 2022, she shot Gallina in the left temple as they was strangling her within the bed in their master bed room.”

Tolomello allegedly disclosed that they removed the bloody bed mattress in the residence and transported it to Pina’s Pizza, where she place it within the business’ dumpster. She also allegedly confessed to likely to further lengths to wash in the crime scene, including her tries to wipe her fingerprints from the .38 caliber Cruz &amp Wesson revolver she’d used, to gather the covering casings and also to clean carpeting where bloodstream spilled while she was moving your body.

Everybody that Tolomello further accepted to contacting another person on March 18 and asking when there were “any tricks” to hide a smell, claiming she’d a skunk in her own garage — but allegedly confessed that her inquiry ended up being to hide the give an impression of Gallina’s decomposing body.

A GoFundMe page was produced to boost funds for Gallina’s boy to go to America as well as for funeral costs.

“‘The Boss’ would be a good man which was tough around the outdoors but loving inside,” the creator authored. “He helped lots of people in need of assistance, including myself, and i’ll forever be grateful. I’m able to write pages relating to this man’s effect on a lot of people. He was funny, kind-hearted, and [a] good person throughout.”

Anna Maria Tolomello was billed with criminal homicide, abuse of the corpse, tampering with evidence and having a musical instrument of the crime. She’s scheduled to look in the court for any preliminary hearing on April 19.

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