Petition Demands YouTube Take Lower Marilyn Manson Video That Evan Rachel Wood Alleges Was Assault

Thousands are demanding that YouTube remove a Marilyn Manson video actor Evan Rachel Wood has alleged shows him assaulting her. 

Wood, now 34, claimed within the new Cinemax documentary “Phoenix Rising” that her ex-fiancé Manson, whose legal name is John Warner, assaulted her throughout the 2007 music video for Manson’s “Heart-Formed Glasses.”

“That’s once the first crime was committed against me,” she states within the documentary. “I had been basically raped on-camera.”

The recording featured Wood putting on heart-formed glasses, an evident homage towards the underage girl in Vladimir Nabokov’s book “Lolita.” Wood was 19 years of age throughout the shoot and states she was handed absinthe and it was near to unconscious. The recording features imagery from the pair involved in intercourse, which Wood now states wasn’t consensual.

“While she might be unable to charge him because the time limit passed, this video shouldn’t be on the web,” a petition reads. By Thursday morning, it’d greater than 3,2000 signatures. 

“It’s nothing beats I believed it was likely to be,” Wood stated within the documentary. “We’re doing stuff that weren’t that which was pitched in my experience. We’d discussed a simulated sex scene, but when the cameras were moving, he began penetrating me legitimate. I’d never decided to that. … It had been complete chaos. I didn’t feel safe. Nobody was searching after me.”

She characterised the knowledge as both “traumatizing” and “shameful.”

Wood and multiple other have accused Manson of mistreating and sexually assaulting them. Wood started dating the 53-year-old “Antichrist Superstar” singer when she is at her late teens and that he is at his late 30s. While she didn’t openly name Manson until this past year, Wood testified in 2018 before a home Judiciary subcommittee about her encounters like a rape and domestic violence survivor in order to obtain the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Legal rights Act passed nationwide. 

Manson has emphatically denied all of the allegations against him, that they has known as “horrible distortions of reality.”

“My intimate relationships will always be entirely consensual with like-minded partners. It doesn’t matter how — and why — other medication is now selecting to misrepresent yesteryear, that’s the truth,” Manson stated this past year.

He recently filed a attorney suit against Wood, accusing her of conspiring with other people to portray him like a rapist and abuser, characterizations he stated were “malicious falsehoods.”

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