Paternity Testing Could Be Carried Out In Hae Min Lee’s Murder, Situation Made Famous In ‘Serial’ Podcast

Greater than twenty years after Adnan Syed was charged of killing his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee, some pot motion through the Baltimore City State’s Attorney and Syed’s legal team has requested modern Paternity testing on key evidence within the situation.

The move is viewed as a victory for Syed—who has lengthy asserted his innocence. His situation rose to national prominence after it had been featured within the first season from the popular podcast “Serial.”

“We are wanting to finally have the forensic tools to determine Mr. Syed’s innocence,” his attorney Erica J. Suter stated inside a statement to

The joint motion, acquired by, demands Paternity testing on Lee’s clothing, footwear, retrieved hairs and rape package, that have never been tested for DNA previously.

Inside a statement released by Baltimore City Condition Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s office, prosecutors stated they made the decision to check evidence after Syed’s defense team had contacted the Sentencing Review Unit following a passage in April from the Juvenile Restoration Act, based on WBAL-TV.

The act enables individuals who were charged of crimes as juveniles to request an adjustment for their sentence once they have offered a minimum of twenty years in jail.

“In the entire process of reviewing this situation for any possible resentencing, it grew to become obvious that additional forensic testing—which wasn’t available during the time of the initial analysis and trial within this case—would be a suitable avenue to pursue,” the statement read.

Syed was charged of first-degree murder in 2000, at age 17, for killing Lee, 18,  whose body is discovered inside a shallow grave inside a Baltimore park last year, based on local news outlet WJZ.

Prosecutors contended throughout the trial that Syed had wiped out his ex-girlfriend inside a fit of rage after finding she’d began dating another person, The Brand New You are able to Occasions reports.

Their situation also trusted the testimony of the witness, who told jurors he’d heard Syed confess towards the murder coupled with gone with him to bury Lee’s body in Leakin Park.

However, another witness, who claimed to possess seen Syed within the library during the time of the murder, never was known as to testify.

The reasons from the situation were the main focus from the podcast “Serial”—a series that’s been downloaded greater than 175 million occasions.

Suter stated Syed’s defense team is raring for outcomes of the testing.

“Mr. Syed continues to be waiting greater than 2 decades for that chance to exonerate themself, not only to a legal court of public opinion, but in the courtroom of law,” she stated. “We applaud the State’s Attorney for recognizing the intense concerns in the situation, after several several weeks of deliberation and review, and saying yes that Paternity testing is required.”

Syed is presently serving existence imprisonment.

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