OnlyFans Stalker Billed With Hiding In Woman’s Attic room, Filming Her While She Rested

An accused online stalker broke into the house of a Nh lady he’d met on OnlyFans and filmed her as she rested, based on government bodies.

Mauricio Damian-Guerrero, 20, was billed with four counts of burglary after police found him standing on the top from the 24-year-old victim’s home recently.

On February. 9, police were dispatched to some home at 34 Highland Street in Somersworth, Nh after tenants reported strange noises from the home’s attic room. Upon arrival, police learned a lady living there had awakened earlier to a person waiting in her entrance, based on a probable cause affidavit acquired by

Officials began towards the home’s attic room and may hear heavy actions around the home’s roof. After exiting the home, police often see a guy, later recognized as Damian-Guerrero, sitting on the flat portion of the home’s roof. He was arrested on-site.

Food, including graham crackers and hashbrowns, airpods owned by Damian-Guerrero along with a cup by which he’d urinated were based in the attic room, police stated. A Bluetooth tracking device covered with blue tape was discovered close to the products, police stated.

Government bodies say Damian-Guerrero met the lady on OnlyFans coupled with been stalking her for a few days. The 20-year-old, who’s from Bensalem, Pennsylvania — nearly 350 miles away — was remaining inside a nearby AirBnb during the time of the incident. 

Police later uncovered a relevant video on Damian-Guerrero’s phone which portrayed the victim lounging partly nude on her behalf bed, the affidavit alleged. The recording was taken soon after 3 a.m. on February. 9 — roughly an hour or so before police taken care of immediately the woman’s home. Another video filmed each day earlier seemed to be found, the stated that video allegedly demonstrated the woman’s bed room, another bed room in your home, along with a hallway. 

The lady, who told police she would be a heavy sleeper, stated she frequently rested together with her three-year-old child. 

The lady told investigators that, dads and moms prior to the incident, her keys choose to go missing — after which mysteriously reappeared. Her roommate also disclosed things have been “off” in the residence in recent days which she’d observed doorways and home windows have been mysteriously left open. 

Police suspect Damian-Guerrero first joined the house utilizing a pry bar making a replica from the woman’s keys before coming back these to the home. His fingerprints were allegedly available on a window in the home.

After executing searching warrant on the truck the person was driving around the nights the incident, everybody they found a pry bar, photos from the lady and two her panties. A vital towards the victim’s home was allegedly located on the truck’s key ring.

Under questioning, Damian-Guerrero allegedly accepted to entering the woman’s home, claiming that he’d joined the house without permission to reclaim a tv and hearth he’d bought her, in addition to a hat along with a belt he claimed he’d formerly left at her Dover apartment. 

Damian-Guerrero allegedly was adamant the victim had asked him to her house, although not around the nights his arrest. Also, he mentioned that they told him “she wanted a guy to become obsessive about her and stalk her,” based on charging documents. He furthermore claimed to police he and also the victim had formerly “hooked up.”

He allegedly accepted to stealing the woman’s panties and photos of her from her home. Damian-Guerrero also allgedly confessed to buying the Bluetooth tracking device based in the attic room from Target. Detective say he said excitedly he’d planned to connect it towards the woman’s vehicle.

Damian-Guerrero was subsequently booked right into a Strafford County detention facility. He was launched from child custody carrying out a bail hearing on February. 18, based on court papers. He’s a telephonic court looking for May 17.

Harry Starbranch, Damian-Guerrero’s defense attorney, wasn’t immediately readily available for comment when contacted by on Friday mid-day.

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