On The Move Using The ‘Bad Vegan’ Couple: How Did They End up in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee?

Sarma MeIngailis, when a celebrity restaurant owner who introduced raw and vegan food towards the forefront, eventually grew to become a fugitive who had been arrested after her husband purchased Domino’s pizza for their hideout accommodation near Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. 

Tabloids were built with a field day with MeIngailis’ fall from elegance, from “Vegan Queen” to some bad boss who owed her employees wages, to some fugitive possibly eating Domino’s inside a Tennessee accommodation. So that as Netflix’s new docuseries “Bad Vegan” shows, her downfall was simply dramatic. The founding father of the main one Lucky Duck and Pure Wine and food eateries in New You are able to City, saw her existence go downhill after she married compulsive liar and gambler Anthony Strangis, who also passed the name Geebet Fox.

The manipulative big talker apparently were able to convince Melngailis he will make both her, and her beloved dog, immortal. He claimed he was putting her through a number of tests to do this. These tests needed her to create wire gets in him, on-demand, of thousands and thousands of dollars. Consequently, he guaranteed that they would be a queen in another form and realm. Strangis also intimated he wasn’t human. 

A few of these tests involved traveling around the globe, almost high would be a large casino presence. They traveled together to Europe, and, once, Strangis told MeIngailis that they had to go to Italia included in an evaluation that will determine whether she’d have the ability to be a queen. 

But, obviously, she didn’t become queen. Rather, she grew to become a fugitive after she forgot to pay her investors and employees the huge amount of money that they owed them the money would Strangis. If this was obvious that both she and Strangis were in legal trouble, they hit the street in 2015 and spent several weeks around the lam. A lot of that point was spent, naturally, in Vegas gambling. Meanwhile, her restaurants crumbled.

But, not lengthy before these were caught, they wound up in Pigeon Forge, a mountain town and tourist area the home of Dolly Parton’s Appalachia-themed park. The happy couple were remaining at Fairfield Inn &amp Suites in Sevierville, expensive hotels located a couple of miles away when Strangis purchased pizza using his charge card in May of 2016. That pizza order ultimately brought for their arrests.

Sevier County Police Department Det. Ray Brown, whose department arrested the happy couple, states in “Bad Vegan” he believes the pair were in the region since it is a higher tourism area

“It’s super easy that people merge here,” he stated. 

MeIngailis wound up serving four several weeks at Rikers for grand larceny, criminal tax fraud, along with a plan to swindle. Meanwhile, Strangis received 5 years of probation to take nearly a million dollars in the companies.

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