Ohio Lady Pleads Guilty To Murder For Dragging Her Boy With Vehicle As She Sped Away

An Ohio mother is charged with killing her boy by dragging him together with her car as the boy clung towards the door, desperate to not be abandoned together with his brothers and sisters inside a park.  

Brittany Gosney opted to consider a murder plea now after she was considered appropriate to face trial.

James Hutchinson, 6, died on Feb 27 as his mother, 29-year-old Brittany Gosney, was trying to abandon him and the 7 and 9-year-old brothers and sisters after hog-tying them in Hurry Run Park in Preble County. Based on an accidents report in the Preble County Sheriff’s Office, her youngest child, James, locked onto his mother’s vehicle door handle as she sped away.

“Brittany slammed the gas attempting to leave the children and drug Hutchinson, possibly running him over,” the probable cause statement signifies. “Brittany switched the automobile around to evaluate Hutchinson and that he was dead.”

On Monday, Gosney recognized the murder plea and 2 counts of endangering children, Butler County court public records show. The arrest report states that Gosney came back towards the park inside an hour and located her son’s dead body, which she loaded into her vehicle and drove to the house of her boyfriend, James Hamilton around 3 a.m. the next morning they allegedly dumped the boy’s body within the Ohio River. The 2 had apparently discussed eliminating her children.

Hrs later, Gosney and Hamilton visited law enforcement to report her boy missing. After apparently giving conflicting reports, both allegedly confessed to getting discarded James’ body, based on the arrest report.

Gosney and Hamilton were subsequently indicted on multiple criminal charges, including murder, tampering with evidence, five counts of abuse of the corpse, kidnapping, and child endangerment, based on court public records in Butler County.

In the court on Monday, Assistant Prosecutor Kelly Heile apparently stated that Gosley’s guilty plea will spare her surviving children the further trauma that the trial could drive them. 

“We’ve two living children which have resided through trauma that not one other children must have to see,” the Journal News reported.

Lewis Hutchinson, James Hutchinson’s father, apparently told local station WCMH-TV after his son’s murder that he’d have happily taken his boy into his home.

“All she’d to complete was provide him in my experience. She might have dropped him off inside my sister’s house,” the station reported he stated.

Butler County Children’s Services has had child custody of Gosney’s two surviving children, based on the Cincinnati Enquirer. 

Hamilton is scheduled for any hearing on August 23. He’s been charged with abuse of the corpse and tampering with evidence. 

In March, David Washington, a lawyer representing Gosney, filed a motion to plead not liable by reason of madness, based on court records.

“Defendant struggles to assistance with her defense and counsel has serious concerns regarding defendant’s mental health,” David Washington authored.

In May, the Register reported that Gosney saw a court-hired psychiatrist who stated that she’d faced “numerous barriers” in trying to stop child custody of her three children. 

Court papers reveal that Gosney told government bodies she was taken off her father’s home at age 12 through the Hamilton County Department of Job and Family Services because she was the victim of repeated sexual abuse, the Enquirer reported she stated she’d created her first child at age 12. 

The psychiatrist overseeing her situation apparently stated that Gosney does usual to “a fundamental personality disorder marked by antisocial features” but was ultimately considered qualified to stand trial. 

Gosney’s sentencing is scheduled for September 13.

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