Ohio Couple Allegedly Strapped Kid To Sleep, Forced Him To Face In Corner For Several Days

A Cincinnati, Ohio-area couple charged with depriving and beating a 13-year-old boy happen to be indicted on numerous child abuse charges, officials stated. 

Amy Dangel, 45, and Anthony Dangel, 43, were billed with multiple counts of kid endangerment associated with the abuse from the teen, based on court public records acquired by 

Amy Dangel, the child’s stepmother, was slapped with 11 counts of kid endangerment and faces as much as 88 years imprisonment if charged. Her husband and also the child’s biological father, Anthony Dangel, faces just one endangerment charge for neglecting to prevent the alleged abuse.

The pair was booked right into a Hamilton County detention facility on February. 28. They pleaded not liable throughout a recent court arraignment.

Based on prosecutors, Amy Dangel forced the 13-year-old boy to face inside a corner “for days at any given time,” based on an announcement from the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office. The victim seemed to be allegedly shackled by a bed, denied bathroom access, and wasn’t given proper clothing, bedding, or blankets. Officials repeat the suspected abuse happened between 2018 and 2021. 

“[She] also physically mistreated the victim by beating the victim with belts and spoons, and withholding food,” Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office stated inside a statement

Because of the alleged prolonged abuse, the kid is underweight, is affected with Post traumatic stress disorder, and it has muscular injuries in the ft and legs because of being made to are a symbol of extended amounts of time.

Investigators haven’t released more information concerning the open situation.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Frederick T. Deters, however, described the situation as “disgusting” and “senseless.”

“This isn’t a parent who lost control making an error, however a lady who purposefully tortured a young child for a long time,” Deters stated of Amy Dangel inside a prepared statement. “To do that to some child is beyond comprehension. There are several individuals who should simply not be parents. Both of these will not be allowed around children again, and we’ll try everything within our capacity to make certain that’s the situation.”

Anthony Dangel was launched after posting 10 % of the $50,000 bond, based on online jail records. The court purchased him to possess no connection with the teenage victim and also to are accountable to pre-trial services, additional court papers show.

His defense counsel, Mike Allen Junior., did not immediately react to demands for comment concerning the child abuse allegations.

Amy Dangel remains in child custody on the $500,000 bond, separate records show. She faces as much as 88 years imprisonment if found guilty. 

“We do not have any comment at the moment,” her lawyer, Edward Perry told on Thursday.

The Ohio couple’s next court date is placed for March 14, 2022. Neither Dangel seems to possess a past criminal history in Hamilton County, based on prosecutors.

Both Amy Dangel and Anthony Dangel have employment with the Miami Township Fire Department, officials stated.

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