Oc Killer Write On Calendar ‘Goodbye’ Around The Date He Stabbed Ex-Boyfriend And The Lover

The savage This summer 27, 1999 stabbing murders of Tom Whitney, 60, and Lawrence Wong, 51, in lovely, sun-drenched Irvine, California is really a harsh indication that horrible unexpected things happen in pretty places.

The sufferers were about six several weeks to their relationship and shared an appreciation of music. Whitney trained voice and piano, while Wong would be a classical music performer. These were referred to as caring gentlemen by themselves.

The 2 put together dead following a man and the daughter found Whitney’s condo for any piano lesson. The girl’s father saw what he thought would be a dead body and known as law enforcement.

Outdoors and indoors, investigators found a trail of bloody footprints, Mike Hamel, Chief of Police, Irvine Police Department told “The Real Murders of Oc,” airing Sundays at 7/6c on Archiweekend. 

The slayings bore the distinct print of overkill. Whitney endured 36 stab wounds, including seven in the face, reported the la Occasions. Wong was stabbed 25 occasions. “This was probably the most graphic crime scenes I’ve have you been to,” stated Hamel. 

Mike Allevato, upon the market lieutenant using the Irvine Police Department, echoed that sentiment. “There was bloodstream everywhere,” he stated. “Along the handrails, around the stairwell, around the walls, on the ground.”

Investigators found two bloodstream-covered knives in the kitchen area. The only group of footprints brought police to think these were around the search for just one killer who wielded two weapons and stabbed the sufferers again and again and also over.

The truth that there have been no indications of forced entry brought detectives to think the killer wasn’t a complete stranger who committed an arbitrary attack. The barbarity from the homicides recommended a criminal offense of passion, and investigators centered on the victims’ previous relationships.

After searching right into a former lengthy-term partner of Wong, the person was discovered to possess a solid alibi. Furthermore, his ft were much bigger compared to bloody prints left in the scene. He was removed like a suspect.

Investigators switched their focus to Whitney. Detectives found nearly 100 cards and love letters addressed to him and signed from someone named Choy. Whitney’s sister informed officials he had offered a vehicle to some man with this name. The brand new who owns the automobile: Vincent Choy Cheung.  

Detectives dug into Cheung’s background discovered that he would be a charged crook which there is a warrant out for his arrest on the parole breach. Officials learned from witnesses that Whitney started dating Wong simultaneously he broke things served by Cheung. 

If this found Whitney, Cheung “seemed to become obsessed,” stated Ray Montgomery, a upon the market investigator for that Irvine Police Department. “He’s seen visiting the home when he is not said to be there, knocking around the door, departing presents.” 

Investigators had enough evidence to think about Cheung a suspect and acquired warrants to look his home and also the vehicle he purchased from Whitney. 

After staking out Cheung’s house, they found him in a nearby hotel he’d checked into on This summer 27, within 24 hours the physiques put together. Cheung was arrested around the parole breach. Police had a warrant to look his accommodation.

Searches of Cheung’s home and vehicle produced valuable evidence. The date of This summer 27 was eerily marked “Goodbye” in calendar form in the home.

 Cheung told police that he’d written “Goodbye” on This summer 27 while he planned to kill themself. Investigators considered that like a convenient excuse, they told producers. 

Because the interview continued, Cheung told government bodies that Whitney had rejected them and letters he given to him. He eventually owned as much as behavior that is stalking.

Included in the interrogation, investigators got impressions of Cheung’s sock-covered footprints with ink and rolls of butcher paper. “I viewed him crinkle up his toes to create his feet smaller sized because he walked,” stated Montgomery. “I known as him onto it and told him to straighten them out.”

Past the footprints, more evidence against Cheung increased because of two pivotal turns of occasions. Investigators found bloodstream inside Cheung’s vehicle that matched his and also the victims’ bloodstream. Along with a friend of Cheung’s shared a telephone message with government bodies dated This summer 27 by which Cheung stated, “I made it happen.” 

Cheung was formally billed with murder. At Cheung’s 2003 trial, the Oc jury deliberated for four days before they came back having a guilty verdict on two counts of first-degree murder. He was sentenced to existence without the potential of parole. 

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