Nurse States She’d ‘Never Seen’ Injuries Much Like Individuals On Lady Accusing Major league baseball Pitcher Trevor Bauer Of Sexual Assault

A forensic nurse examiner who examined a lady accusing La Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer of assault testified Tuesday that in her own 40-year career, she had “never seen” the kind of injuries the lady endured.

“It was frankly alarming,” Kelly Valencia stated from the deep bruising she upon the woman’s vagina, based on ESPN.

Valencia testified included in a hearing to find out if the California lady is going to be granted a lasting restraining order against Bauer.

The lady, who is not naming, has accused Bauer of strongly sexually assaulting her on two separate occasions, choking her to unconsciousness together with her own hair after which punching her hard and vagina.

The woman testified around the stand that they felt like “my soul left my body” and described herself as “a rag doll” after getting out of bed to locating Bauer allegedly punching her throughout her body, Insider reports.

Based on testimony along with a statement to acquire a temporary retraining order from the pitcher acquired by, the lady stated one encounter sent her towards the hospital with two black eyes, scratches along her face along with a inflamed lip.

It had been there Valencia performed an intimate Assault Response Team (SART) exam around the lady on May 17. She testified on Tuesday the injuries she observed, including bruising around the woman’s face, bottom and genital area, were in conjuction with the woman’s account from the incident.

“When she walked in, I observed visible facial injuries,” Valencia testified, based on Insider, noting the lady had what she referred to as “racoon eyes” generally observed in individuals who’ve been clogged.

Bauer’s legal team has contended that both encounters were consensual and asked why it required the lady 43 days to file for a brief restraining order against Bauer in June.

The lady stated in the court that they had anxiously waited to file for the order because Pasadena Police had informed her they planned to arrest Bauer.

“I anxiously waited as lengthy when i could,” she stated during mix-examination, based on ESPN. “And after i hit the purpose of realizing these were gonna take time with this analysis, I needed to safeguard myself meanwhile.”

Bauer continues to be not facing any criminal charges in link with the occurrences, but Mlb has placed him on administrative leave when they conduct their very own analysis.

Shawn Holley, among the attorneys representing Bauer, asked the lady around the stand Tuesday for around 2 . 5 hrs, after assuring her he wasn’t “slut-shaming” her together with his questions that frequently centered on texts she’d delivered to Bauer and her buddies at about the time from the alleged assaults.

In a single message to some friend, she authored that they had her “hooks in” Bauer—who she met through Instagram—and “can enter his mind,” based on the testimony.

In another exchange with Bauer that happened backward and forward sexual encounters, the lady texted that they desired to have rough sex, including being clogged.

“Gimme all of the discomfort. Rawr,” she authored.

Holley asked why she’d not pointed out individuals messages in her own initial narrative concerning the rough sex with Bauer, however the lady stated she didn’t believe the messages were relevant.

The woman’s attorney, Lisa Helfend-Meyer, also introduced in a few of the woman’s text history, asking her why she’d described the 2nd violent encounter as “consensual” throughout a conversation together with her cousin. Although she might have used that terminology, the lady stated she doesn’t believe the functions were consensual.

“I lost any possibility of giving consent after the very first time he clogged me out,” she stated.

The lady stated she’d been unwilling to seek medical help on her injuries because she “knew the way it was gonna go,” ESPN reports.

“I understood the way it labored,” she stated. “Publicity, the problem. Immediately it paints me like a slut. And That I didn’t want this story anywhere. I did not. I had been so embarrassed about everything.”

The defense team also asked the tearful lady about her alleged relationships along with other Major league baseball players including North Park Padres shortstop Fernando Tatis Junior. in 2019 and Padres pitcher Mike Clevinger in 2020.

“Trevor is really a wackadoo like Clev,” the lady authored in a single text to some friend, acknowledging in the court the reference involved Clevinger.

Clevinger’s representative declined to comment to ESPN.

The hearing to find out if the permanent restraining order is going to be granted is anticipated to carry on Wednesday.

The 2009 week, reports surfaced that the second lady from Ohio had also once taken a brief restraining order out from the pitcher after she accused him of choking and punching her during intercourse without her consent.

Bauer and the representatives have also denied that accusation.

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