Nurse Stabbed To Dying Over Price Of Refrigerator During Facebook Marketplace Purchase, Everybody

A Pennsylvania mother and nurse was allegedly stabbed to dying with a man selling a fridge on Facebook Marketplace now following the two got into a disagreement within the cost from the appliance. 

Joshua Gorgone, 26, confessed towards the “brutal” stabbing of Denise Johnson following a dispute over the price of a fridge, according for an arrest affidavit acquired by 

On April 5, the 54-year-old lady disappeared after she drove to Gorgone’s apartment to see the fridge, that was intended to be a present on her boyfriend, officials stated. They’d met and conveyed on Facebook Marketplace to set up the purchase.

Williams’ family filed military services weapons person report on Monday evening when she didn’t get several telephone calls after getting left work hrs earlier.

Around 9 p.m., the nurse’s phone was tracked for an unspecified area in Johnstown, Pennsylvania her Chevrolet Trax later switched in Richland Township, about eight miles away. Detectives found “fresh blood” around the vehicle’s doorways and ice were sprinkled over the vehicle’s floorboard. Police also found a little baggie of suspected cocaine as well as an ATM withdrawal receipt for $160 from the Johnstown bank from earlier that mid-day. The SUV’s key wasn’t located.

Government bodies ultimately discovered Johnson decided to get to know Gorgone on Monday to purchase a refrigerator. Her body was later found around the bathroom floor inside his apartment. Under questioning, Gorgone allegedly told to detectives the purchase went south, then ultimately spiraled right into a “physical altercation.” He later confessed to stabbing a kitchen area knife into Williams’ chest several occasions.

Gorgone then apparently dumped her vehicle in Richland Township. Prosecutors suspect the drugs grabbed from Williams’ Chevrolet also fit in with him.

“We do believe sooner or later the defendant did move her vehicle so we accept is as true was after she’d have died,” Cambria County Da Greg Neugebauer told “We don’t believe the drugs found in the vehicle were hers.”

Williams’ dying was ruled a homicide. She died from exsanguination, or massive bloodstream loss, because of multiple stab wounds, based on an initial autopsy she also had numerous defensive injuries on her hands, palms, and forearms.

“She was removed from her family in the snap of the finger,” Cambria County Coroner Shaun Lees told “There were apparent indications of challenging. She did set up one heck of the fight. It was a really brutal scene —  it had been a violent dying.”

Lees knows Williams’ family personally, he stated. Within the 1990s, the county coroner worked with Johnson at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center’s Lee Campus. They frequently looked after terminal cancer patients within the same oncology unit, he stated. 

“Denise and that i labored alongside countless occasions taking proper care of sick, sick patients, helping families cope, attempting to make it a bit simpler, attempting to comfort the individual,” he described.

Johnson labored at Conemaugh Memorial Clinic until her dying. Lees described her being an “upbeat,” “caring,” and “compassionate” healthcare professional.

“On the busiest days, she’d always cause you to laugh,” Lees remembered. “It’s likely to be an enormous loss.”

The 51-year-old coroner was taken aback as he learned he’d been given the job of performing a publish-mortem examination on his former friend.

“You have to put individuals feelings aside,” Lees stated. “I do not have a simple job, to start with…it will produce many difficulty sleeping every so often — it isn’t a enjoyable job, it isn’t employment lots of people want. We’re in the forefront of seeing discomfort and sorrow. It will become a bit emotional, a bit challenging when I must perform my responsibilities when you are coping with people you know.” 

Lees stated he conducted the solemn duty laser-centered on delivering justice — and possibly some closure — to Williams’ family.

“It’s my job to talk on her — and I’m honored to talk on her,” Lees stated. “It’s my job because the coroner to talk for your person that is deceased also to represent their loved ones to get solutions, and dealing with police force, the district attorney’s office, to create justice to individuals who have the effect of an individual’s passing.” 

County officials also cautioned the general public to become vigilant when selling and getting products on social networking.

“No great deal may be worth losing your existence over,” Neugebauer added. “You have no idea who you’re coping with on the other hand.Inches

The Cambria County District Attorney cautioned against meeting track of Facebook Marketplace sellers alone or inviting buyers to your home. 

“You should not encounter a complete stranger on your own,” he added. “You should enable your family know where you’re going. Bring a relative or perhaps a friend. And when you’re around the selling aspect, you shouldn’t invite a complete stranger to your inside a public place that’s well-lit, hopefully under surveillance, and might have people around.”

Gorgone was billed with criminal homicide, irritated assault, and irritated assault having a deadly weapon, based on jail records. He’s being held without bail at Cambria County Prison. Gorgone’s next court appearance is scheduled for April 14, court papers show. It’s unclear if he’s retained an attorney. 

Geistown Borough Police weren’t immediately open to discuss the situation on Thursday.

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