Nicole Kidman And ‘Sex And Also The City’ Castmates Say They Support Chris Noth’s Accusers

The heavens of “Sex and also the City” have damaged their silence after castmate Chris Noth was charged with sexual assault, announcing they uphold his accusers. 

Inside a joint statement released on Monday evening, actors Nicole Kidman, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon mentioned that they’re “deeply saddened to listen to the allegations against” Noth.

Noth, who lengthy appeared as “Mr. Big” within the “Sex and also the City” franchise, had became a member of the initial three from four primary figures (Kim Cattrall didn’t go back to the series) in the current reboot “And Much Like That.” However, his character was wiped out offed throughout the first episode. 

The publicity all around the revival from the popular series inspired two women in the future toward accuse Noth, 67, of sexual assault in a Hollywood Reporter article printed a week ago. Both had arrived at to the opening individually of each other, and several weeks apart. Another accuser came forward concentrating on the same allegations eventually after explosive story.

“We offer the ladies who came forward and shared their painful encounters,” Parker, Davis and Nixon authored within their statement. “We know it should be a really difficult factor to complete so we commend them for this.”

Zoe, now 40, and Lily, now 31, had told The Hollywood Reporter that they are assaulted in La in 2004 and New You are able to in 2015, correspondingly. Zoe alleges that Noth raped her at his apartment when she was 22 after going after her at her job, a higher-profile firm where Noth along with other celebrities did business. Lily would be a server within the Very important personel portion of a brand new You are able to City nightclub when she stated Noth asked her to his apartment and sexually assaulted her.

Noth has stated that both encounters were consensual.

“It’s difficult to not question the timing of those tales being released. I do not know for several why they’re surfacing now, but I know this: I didn’t assault they,” he stated inside a statement after news broke concerning the first couple of women.

Underneath the pseudonym Ava, the 3rd accuser told the Daily Animal inside a Friday are convinced that Noth sexually assaulted her this year when she was 18. Ava, now a 30-year-old tech executive, alleged that Noth attacked her within the back-office of the New You are able to City restaurant, where she labored as both a hostess and show tune singer.

Noth has additionally emphatically denied that accusations, telling People via a repetition the accusation is “a complete fabrication.”

“The alleged accounts detailed throughout read like a bit of bad fiction,” his repetition mentioned on Friday. “Chris doesn’t have understanding of who they is and, as mentioned yesterday, has and would not mix that line.”

A3 Artists Agency has dropped Noth like a client on Friday, People reports. On Monday, CBS Network mentioned that Noth would no more star in the drama “The Equalizer.”

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