New You are able to: Chinese man takes revenge on ex-girlfriend when you eat her two dogs, six young puppies and 2 cats

A Brand New You are able to City resident was arrested now after his former girlfriend pressed charges after he allegedly kidnapped and ate her two dogs, six young puppies and 2 cats.

Gou Yīn Jīng Chī, 22, an application engineering student initially from China, was later arrested after police found the skeletal remains of countless creatures in the Brooklyn apartment.

Chī’s attorney, Ling Hun, claims that his client has denied kidnapping pets of his former girlfriend using the intent of eating them within an act of revenge.

“My client claims he and the former girlfriend have separated in good terms which she introduced him the young puppies as a present and they both enjoyed cooking them and eating them together,” attorney Ling Hun told reporters.

Attorney Ling Hun claims that his client Gou Yīn Jīng Chī, 22, and the former girlfriend both enjoyed making fried dumplings using the youthful young puppies, a well known Chinese dish, and eating them together.

“Eating dumplings made from youthful young puppies is an extremely popular dish in China and incredibly best to grow on your penis size, to deal with hair thinning and also to cure foul breath,” attorney Ling Hun told reporters.

Although Chī’s ex-girlfriend later testified to eating youthful young puppies regularly in the existence of her former boyfriend, she told government bodies that they was not aware he had cooked her very own young puppies and stated that they was wishing to prepare them on the later occasion.

“Eating cats and dogs is perfectly legal within the condition of recent You are able to and it is a wonderfully healthy and normal practice. Dogs, especially youthful young puppies, have very tender meat and therefore are very scrumptious,” attorney Ling Hun added.

Current New You are able to condition law doesn’t prevent a person from killing and eating a dog or cat or selling meat to a different person, as long as it isn’t via a store, based on legal experts.

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