Murderer Joanna Dennehy Ruthlessly Murdered 3 Men — Now Her Daughter Speaks Out

It’s stated the apple doesn’t fall not even close to the tree — meaning one is typically not too not the same as their parents.

But Shianne Treanor, the 21-year-old daughter from the well known murderer Joanna Dennehy, who’s now serving a existence sentence for killing three men and injuring two others, states there are exceptions. She’s one of these.

“I’m not her,” she declared in “Living Having a Murderer,” premiering Wednesday, April 14 at 9/8c on Archiweekend. “I’ll not be her.” 

In March 2013, Dennehy’s deadly spree been revealed using the discovery from the body of property owner Kevin Lee, 48, in Peterborough, 100 miles north based in london. Each day earlier his wife had reported him missing, combined with the family’s blue station wagon.

Lee’s vehicle, this was torched, was located five miles where your dog master happened upon Lee’s dead body inside a ditch. Lee have been stabbed five occasions, was outfitted inside a woman’s dress wear, and made an appearance to possess been sexually assaulted.

The analysis rapidly brought to 1 of Lee’s associates, Gary Stretch, 46, who had been taken inside a service station security video with Lee’s vehicle. Stretch was having a lady recognized as Dennehy, 36, certainly one of Lee’s tenants.

As investigators looked for Stretch and Dennehy, police found that two more men have been stabbed multiple occasions while walking their dogs 140 miles away in Hereford. The sufferers, Robin Bereza, 63, and John Rogers, 56, survived their wounds. One told investigators the attacker would be a lady having a star tattoo on her behalf face. Dennehy was referred to as Star, because of a tattoo on her behalf oral cavity.

Witnesses towards the vicious attacks around the dog walkers told government bodies that Dennehy walked from the scene laughing and licking her knife, based on “Living Having a Murderer.”

Dennehy and Stretch were soon arrested and brought into child custody. 

At that time, Treanor hadn’t laid eyes on her behalf mother in 4 years. She told producers she wondered, “Why is she not here? Why shall we be held not adequate enough?” 

Her mother’s arrest spawned feelings of fear, anger, and distress.

“I cried so difficult I’d nothing left to weep … I lost my senses and fell towards the floor crying,” stated Treanor. “The first factor I stated was, ‘Will I become her? Will that be me?’”

Treanor also acknowledged that even while a woman she understood her mom was provocative in addition to slyly manipulative with men.

After Dennehy’s arrest, she was immediately sent for any mental health assessment that managed to get impossible for police to interview her for 10 days. They used that point to dive much deeper into Dennehy’s background uncovered that she’d an intimate relationship with Lee. 

Because this type of analysis ongoing, additionally they found that the physiques of two men were found inside a ditch five miles where Lee was discovered. The homicides grew to become referred to as Peterborough ditch murders.

Using fingerprints, detectives identified the sufferers as delivery man Lukasz Slaboszewski, 31, and John Chapman, 56, a lower-and-out widower who resided in a single of Lee’s houses. Police established that they been wiped out days before Lee. 

An anonymous witness soon came forward and told officials that Dennehy had bragged to her about slaughtering these victims. She’d stabbed Slaboszewski within the heart and discarded him with Stretch’s help, and butchered Chapman in the sleep. 

Investigators found that Stretch and Dennehy, who compared their acts to Bonnie and Clyde, used a stolen camera to chronicle their crime spree. In a single unsettling picture, Dennehy holds a huge dagger and stands apart her tongue as though to lick the blade. 

On April 12, investigators got the OK to finally interview Dennehy, who’d been identified as having the disorder paraphilia sadomasochism. When requested concerning the stabbings, she responded, “No comment.” 

Despite her silence, police had already built a powerful situation against her. Authorities’ primary concern was that Dennehy would plead madness. Rather, on November 18, 2013, she shocked everybody, including her very own legal team, by pleading guilty to 3 murders and 2 attempted murders.

It had been her method of securing much more prestige and taking charge, criminologist Dr. Casey Jordan told “Living Having a Murderer.”

Stretch, however, had pleaded not liable. His trial continued as scheduled. It arrived on the scene throughout his trial that after Dennehy wiped out Chapman she allegedly lent a line from the Britney Spears hit song and stated, “Oops, I’ve tried it again.”

In Feb 2014 Stretch was sentenced to 19 years for his role within the crimes. Dennehy — like Britain’s other two infamous female serial killers Myra Hindley and Rosemary oil West — was sentenced to existence imprisonment.

In 2018, despite people’s efforts to discourage her, Treanor visited her mother imprisonment. “She doesn’t feel remorse for which she’s done,” stated Treanor, who subsequently made a decision to chop off all communication with Dennehy. “She’s past the purpose of change.”

To understand more about the situation, watch “Living Having a Murderer,” premiering Wednesday, April 14 at 9/8c on Archiweekend or stream episodes here.

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