Murder Victim’s Sister Describes ‘Living Hell’ As Trial Begins On Her 1980 Killing

The sister of the California murder victim required the stand now to explain the final time she saw her brother or sister before she was kidnapped and murdered and also the harrowing moments that adopted.

“I didn’t realize that was the final time I’d see her,” Stephanie Mullen testified on Monday, talking about her 14-year-old sister Suzanne Bombardier, San Francisco Bay Area News Group reports.

Mullen began the trial because the first witness for that prosecution against Mitchell Lynn Bacom, who’s charged with kidnapping and killing Bombardier in 1980.

Mullen was the final family member to determine Bombardier alive Bombardier showed up at her sister’s the place to find babysit Mullen’s kids that night, holding a stitching kid and overnight bag, her older sister remembered. When came back from working in a night shift, Bombardier vanished. 

“They [her children] came lower and stated, ‘Mom, Suzie’s not here,’” Mullen stated. “I ran out and began calling her name.”

After that, she stated her family experienced “living hell.”

Bombardier wasn’t found until four days later when her body is discovered across the Antioch River. Somebody had raped her and stabbed her once within the chest.

That a person, based on the prosecution, is Bacom, whom Mullen had dated briefly. He was arrested in 2017 after DNA linked him to her dying he’d formerly been asked within the original analysis in 1980. Bacom, now 67, continues to be charged of sex offenses two times previously, together with a 1981 conviction for raping a small younger than 14.

“I’m just glad it’s [the trial has] began. It has been a lengthy time coming,” Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons, who was credited for assisting within the 2017 burglary the situation, told on Tuesday. “Suzie’s sister was very brave and i’m happy with her.”

Mullen testified on Monday that they regrets not hugging her sister that night. She also remembered the moments by which her family was told Bombardier was murdered.

“My mother given out and fell on the ground,” Mullen testified, based on the San Francisco Bay Area Newsgroup. “And around an hour later, (Suzanne’s) report card arrived. All A-pluses.”

Cynthia Scofield, Bacom’s public defender, stated in her own opening remarks that they will reason that another man that Mullen dated accounts for the murder. She stated that man demonstrated up at her home on that day, intoxicated and pleading for an additional chance. 

Scofield has formerly contended in 2019 that it’s entirely possible that her client might have had sexual connection with the victim after she died, not before.

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