Murder Charge Dropped Against Texas Lady Who Allegedly Had Self-Caused Abortion

Officials in Texas have dropped a murder charge against a lady who had been charged with allegedly committing a “self-caused illegal abortion.” 

Lizelle Herrera, 26, was arrested on Thursday through the Starr County Sheriff’s Department, the Connected Press reports.

“Herrera was arrested and offered by having an indictment around the control of Murder after Herrera did then there intentionally and knowingly make the dying of the individual by self-caused abortion,” Maj. Carlos Delgado stated inside a statement acquired through the Connected Press. A hospital had reported the alleged self-caused abortion towards the sheriff’s department who consequently made the decision to press charges.

She was launched on the $500,000 bond by Saturday.

It isn’t clear  — even going to government bodies — what law Herrera was billed under. 

Each day after Herrera was launched, Da Gocha Allen Ramirez announced the questionable charge have been dropped. Ramierez’ pr release claims that “in reviewing relevant Texas law, it’s obvious that Ms. Herrera cannot and cannot be prosecuted for that allegation against her.”

They noted the “events prior to this indictment took a toll on Ms. Herrera and her family,” clarifying that it’s not really a “criminal matter.”

Ramirez’ office vows to utilize Herrera’s council to “bring this trouble to some close.”

“It is indeed my hope by using the dismissal of the situation it’s made obvious that Ms. Herrera didn’t commit a criminal act underneath the laws and regulations from the Condition of Texas,” the pr release states.

The Dallas Morning-News reported that Herrara had searched for medical take care of a miscarriage and could have told hospital staff something they reported to police. The indictment stated the alleged self-caused abortion happened on Jan. 7, 2022, the paper reported.

This past year, Texas passed legislation that banned doctors from supplying either surgical and medical abortions red carpet days of being pregnant. That new and questionable law also offered $10,000 to personal citizens who are convinced that an abortion provider has violated what the law states. However, the lady finding the abortion is exempt in the law.

“What’s just a little mysterious within this situation is, what crime has this lady been billed with?” Lynn Paltrow, the manager director of National Advocates for Women That Are Pregnant told the Connected Press. “There isn’t any statute in Texas that, even on its face, authorizes the arrest of the lady for any self-managed abortion.”

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