Mother Michelle Duggar Seeks Leniency For Josh Duggar Following Child Pornography Conviction

Michelle Duggar is requesting leniency on her boy, Josh Duggar, after prosecutors requested for that maximum sentence following his conviction on federal child pornography charges.

The truth TV matriarch and mother from the disgraced star penned instructions to evaluate Timothy L. Brooks from the Western District of Arkansas Federal Court pleading for whim in front of her son’s sentencing, based on People. The request comes in the heels of federal prosecutors choosing the maximum 20-year-sentence for Duggar, who had been found guilty in December of receiving and possessing child pornography.

Michelle Duggar, 55, requested the judge to become “fair and merely,” claiming she desired to “share several things about Joshua’s character that won’t be fully recognized to a legal court.”

“Joshua happens to be an optimistic and upbeat person,” Michelle authored, based on People. “He is a great provider for his family, working diligently and considering creative methods to support and take proper care of his wife and kids. He’s also generous and shares his sources with other people in need of assistance.”

Michelle characterised her boy as someone having a “tender heart” who’s “compassionate toward others.”

Michelle added the defendant is financially wise, organized and “has provide a great example of applying themself eagerly to his work as well as in a number of other responsibilities he carries like a husband and father.”

Josh Duggar shares seven children together with his wife, Anna, that has supported her husband through his legal woes. Attorneys have stated that Anna was he husband’s so-known as “accountability partner” with an application he accustomed to he attempted to beat his accepted dependence on pornography, that they announced in 2015, as formerly reported.

Anna has stated openly that they believes her husband is innocent within the child pornography situation.

Michelle Duggar stated in her own letter that her boy is dedicated to his wife and kids and they have “built forts, learned working on bicycles along with other vehicles, gone camping, hiked, fished and performed numerous games and sports — together!” based on People.

In May 2021, pending his trial, the court released Josh Duggar underneath the condition he not accept his wife as well as their kids, which all visitation rights together with his children be supervised by his wife, Anna, People reported at that time.

Michelle Duggar added she hopes her boy could be “reunited together with his wife and family on time,” while dotting her name having a heart, based on People.

Josh Duggar was arrested in April 2021 following an analysis by Homeland Security, which unearthed images that contains sexual abuse against children on his computer, as formerly reported.

Homeland Security Special Agent Gerald Faulkner formerly known as the pictures “in the very best five from the worst from the worst that I’ve ever endured to look at.”

Federal prosecutors had posted a 30-page sentencing memo on Wednesday choosing the maximum penalty, depicting Duggar as someone having a “deep-sitting down, pervasive, and violent libido in youngsters.”

Within their memo, prosecutors incorporated an estimate in the mother of among the victims observed in the sexually abusive photos available on Duggar’s computer.

“I will find no words to convey the rage Personally i think at individuals who take part in this evil, or my scorn for just about any make an effort to minimize the duty by feeble claimed the crime was ‘victim-less,’” mom mentioned. “My daughter is indeed a person. She was horribly victimized to supply this supply of ‘entertainment.’ She’s exploited once again every time a picture of her suffering is copied, traded, or offered.”

Duggar’s defense has recommended for any five-year sentence.

The Duggar family appeared within the TLC series “19 Kids and Counting” before the network axed the show in 2015 after Josh Duggar was charged with sexually mistreating underage women, including their own siblings.

Sentencing is scheduled for May 25.

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