Montana Man Sentenced To Some Century Imprisonment For Wife’s 2020 Killing

A Montana man who had been charged within the violent strangulation murder of 33-year-old wife was handed one hundred-year sentence this month.

Bradley Jay Hillious, 35, was presented with the extended sentence on Tuesday by District Court Judge Robert Allison within the fatal 2020 beating of his wife Amanda Hillious.

“The harm caused within this situation was badly because it will get,” Judge Allison stated, the Flathead Beacon reported. “Mr. Hillious isn’t a serious repeat offender, but in line with the findings from the jury, he’s most definitely violent.”

Hillious was in prison for his wife’s murder in The month of january following his trial in Flathead District Court.

Amanda Hillious was seriously wounded on 12 ,. 15, 2020 after investigators say her husband clogged her and put her lower a flight ticket of stairs, based on the Great Falls Tribune. She died four days later.

Amanda Hillious’ family, who attended this week’s proceedings, welcomed the stiff sentence.

“This does produce some closure now and also the sentence was the very best I possibly could have wished for — it did bring a feeling of relief,” Amanda Hillious’ mother, Michelle Wungluck, told the Flathead Beacon. “I miss Amanda terribly and today I’ve four children to boost.”

Wungluck, who grew to become emotional during her testimony in the sentencing hearing, had requested prosecutors and also the presiding judge to impose the utmost punishable sentence.

“I am sentenced to existence without my daughter now,” Amanda Hillious’ mother, Michelle Wungluck, told a legal court , based on Kalispell, Montana publication the Daily Inter Lake.

Bradley Hillious, who didn’t testify at his trial, also addressed a legal court at some length .

“I miss [Amanda] beyond belief … and our kids,” Hillious stated in the court throughout his 12-minute statement.

Family people of his dead wife looked away as they spoke towards the court, based on the Flathead Beacon.

“I have pleaded and keep my innocence throughout this complete process,” Hillious also stated. “I continuously maintain my absolute innocence before the real the fact is acknowledged. There’s no conclusive evidence to think beyond an acceptable doubt which i was basically the person who caused the dying of some other, particularly with a far more likely suspect who’s known [to become] violent and hostile toward others.”

The Montana man has blamed his late father, Scott Hillious, for his wife’s murder.

Scott Hillious, against whom Amanda Hillious had apparently acquired a restraining order, died by suicide soon after her dying, based on Bradley Hillious’ lawyer. She stated he wiped out themself after police contacted him to find out if he’d are available in for questioning about Amanda Hillious’ autopsy results.

“There’s not just one shred of evidence that suggests him as causing his wife’s dying,” Jami Rebsom, Hillious’ attorney, told of her client on Thursday mid-day. “The cops have no idea process his father, Scott, who’d a brief history together with his wife, hated her, right? And nine days later, the father, Scott Hillious, kills themself having a Taurus Judge gun.”

Rebsom also pointed towards the 2018 restraining order in addition to a video depicting her client’s father threatening his dead spouse.

“I think Kaira was charged while he were built with a girlfriend,” Rebsom added. “I think Kaira was charged because Flathead is really a small community there was lots of trial publicity. We’d attempted to obtain the venue moved.”

Hillious’ attorney, who stated she intends to file an appeal on her behalf client’s account in a few days, described his 100-year sentence as “shocking.”

“It appears like quite an excessive sentence,” Rebsom mentioned. “The evidence was 100 % missing. The condition doesn’t have direct evidence that Mr. Hillious caused his wife’s dying.”

“We’re just absolutely devastated through the outcome.”

Just before his sentencing, Hillious had been held in a Flathead County detention facility, based on online jail records acquired by

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