Miya Marcano’s Autopsy Classified Dying As ‘Homicide By Undetermined Means’

The household of the slain Florida university student whose body was discovered covered with duct tape in September is demanding solutions carrying out a recently released autopsy report.

Miya Marcano’s dying was ruled a “homicide by undetermined means,” earlier this year, based on the Oc Medical Examiner’s Office.

Officials stated they might find no “identifiable proof of trauma” because of the advanced stage of composition from the 19-year-old’s remains. 

“In my estimation, the way she was discovered, with multiple restraints and her disposition within an abandoned section of a condo complex, signifies some form of assault, but due to the insufficient any identifiable soft tissue injuries because of advanced decomposition, the reason for dying is really a homicide by undetermined means,” Florida Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Joshua D. Stephany authored within the autopsy report, which acquired.

Marcano disappeared on Sept. 24 from Arden Villas Apartment complex in Orlando where she resided and labored. Her remains, which medical examiners referred to as “nearly completely skeletonized,” were retrieved from behind a deserted apartment building on March 2. Her wrists and ankles were bound with black duct tape, that was also wrapped round her neck.

Armando Manuel Caballero, the primary suspect in Marcano’s disappearance and dying, was found dead in an apartment complex in Seminole County on Sept. 27. The 27-year-old, who had been employed like a maintenance worker at Marcano’s apartment, died of the apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, officials stated.

Based on Daryl Washington, an attorney for Marcano’s family, the recently released autopsy report only raises more questions regarding Marcano’s dying.

“Obviously, it’s been very hard for your loved ones since the household is still not able to possess any kind of closure,” Daryl Washington, a lawyer for Marcano’s family, told on Tuesday. “There’s still a lot of unanswered questions.”

For several weeks, the Oc Sheriff’s Office hypothesized Marcano was wiped out by Caballero in her own apartment building, an assertion Marcano’s household is at odds with. 

“The one factor that we understand with the discharge of the autopsy report is clearly what Sheriff [John] Mina has mentioned again and again — that Miya was likely wiped out within the apartment,” Washington added. “We can say for certain since that’s pretty speculative…the Oc Sheriff and Arden Villas Apartment Complex, had they taken more diligent measures, possibly Miya might have been found much sooner.”

The Marcano family was particularly unnerved by new graphic details within the latest autopsy report, particularly all around the duct tape located on the university students remains. 

“They’re disturbed using the information on the autopsy report, just learning additional information about how exactly Miya was really found,” he described. “That was something which was recently discovered. It could have been good for your loved ones to understand this kind of stuff prior to being released towards the public.”There’s so many questions why can you have tape around somebody’s mouth, neck, wrist, ankles, if they’re already dead,” he added. “What will be the demand for doing that? That’s what brought us to think that Miya might have left that apartment alive.”

Marcano attended Valencia College in Orlando, based on family people, who described her like a “vibrant butterfly” throughout the youthful woman’s eulogy in October.

Based on her family, Caballero had formerly made romantic advances for the 19-year-old, but she switched him lower.

In October, Marcano’s family openly released a relevant video of Caballero, who they’d faced each day following the Florida university student was reported missing this fall. Within the short recording, Caballero was adamant he’d nothing related to Marcano’s disappearance, while feigning concern on her.

“There’s proof of obsession,” Marcano’s aunt told Caballero within the clip, based on a duplicate from the video, which acquired. “You’re captivated by Miya.”

Marcano’s family members have filed a wrongful dying civil suit against Arden Villas Apartment Complex for alleged security oversights which endangered the 19-year-old and obscured the quick analysis into her murder.

“They just don’t want every other family to need to undergo this,” Washington stated.

The Oc Sheriff’s Office declined to discuss the case’s autopsy results when contacted by .

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