Missouri Prosecutor Informs Alleged Husband Killer She’s A ‘Cold Heart’

While questioning an accused husband killer, a prosecutor told the defendant that they includes a “cold heart” for attempting to pin the killing around the deceased’s brother. 

Prosecutor Kevin Zoellner made the scathing comment to Lynlee Renick, 33, throughout his mix-study of her inside a Boone County, Missouri courtroom on Wednesday, Law &amp Crime reports.

She stands charged with shooting and killing her husband (and prominent snake dealer) Benjamin Renick, 29, 2017. Her alleged co-defendants — former boyfriend Michael Humphrey and Renick worker Ashley Shaw — have previously cut handles the prosecution. Both pointed to Lynlee Renick as the one that pulled the trigger.

However the accused maintains that her ex, Humphrey, shot her husband which she just overheard the 2 men’s exchange — despite initially telling police they should investigate Benjamin Renick’s brother for that murder.

“Do guess what happens type of cold heart lies inside you?” Zoellner requested the defendant.

The prosecution claims that Lynlee Renick made the decision to shoot her husband after she unsuccessful to kill him by grinding Percocet right into a protein shake, and think that her motive would be a $a million existence insurance plan on Benjamin Renick that she was to achieve. She then allegedly employed both Shaw and Humphrey for help.

Around the stand, Lynlee Renick ongoing to insist that they didn’t murder her husband, though she testified that they planned to depart him, claiming he raped her. She also accepted to telling Shaw about a few of her marital woes and asking Humphrey to become by her side at the time from the murder, but stated she accomplished it that they wouldn’t need to be alone when she informed her husband she desired to finish things.

“I don’t understand how to fully express which i never wanted my hubby dead,” she stated.

She further testified that, despite the fact that she heard gunshots at the time of her husband’s murder, she assumed her husband was OK and left the region with Humphrey.

“I don’t remember considering anything,” Renick testified, based on the Columbia Missourian. “I remember at some point I sitting up, and that i just appreciated the trees and moving your window lower and smoking.”

She accepted to laying “a lot” and stated she is aware of this “looks” bad.

“I lied to safeguard myself and that i told lots of awful lies to achieve that,” she stated around the stand.

But she maintained she didn’t kill her husband, that she shared children.

In the court on Wednesday, she stated their children should “eventually” know who wiped out Benjamin Renick — when they’re of sufficient age.

Lynlee Renick’s fate presently lies with jurors in her own situation, who ongoing their deliberations on Thursday, local outlet KMIZ reports.

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