Missouri Man Sentenced In Murder-For-Hire Plot Against His Alleged Sex Abuse Victim

A Missouri man continues to be sentenced after acknowledging he hired anyone to kill a small he allegedly sexually mistreated.

Jon Mark Wilson, 58, was sentenced by US District Judge John C. Wimes to ten years in federal prison without the potential of parole, based on the Department of Justice. Wilson pleaded guilty in September to presenting interstate facilities within the commission of the murder-for-hire plot. The would-be contract killing was an effort to prevent prosecution for his alleged sexual assault of the minor. 

In The month of january 2019, Wilson searched for the aid of an unnamed person to assist arrange the murder-for-hire, based on the US Attorney’s Office. At that time, Wilson have been billed in Pettis County with two counts of legal first-degree statutory sodomy. That situation continues to be pending.

The unnamed individual contacted government bodies and decided to help arrange a gathering between Wilson as well as an undercover agent in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Forearms, and Explosives – Might field division.

The ATF outfitted the origin having a recorder coupled with him go back to Wilson, based on a criminal complaint acquired by Law &amp Crime. The origin recorded the conversation, which started with Wilson discussing a “business venture” before relocating to the subject of murder-for-hire.

“The only factor is, I acquired to, um, to repay her cousin first,” Wilson stated within the recorded conversation. “And see should this happen pretty quick, i then don’t need to pay for dispositions and s***.”

The origin told Wilson he understood a man from Ohio who’d be right to do the job.

“It’s the only real choice I acquired,” Wilson responded.

There is some backwards and forwards concerning the target’s gender, but Wilson clarified it had been men. Based on Law &amp Crime, the complaint mentioned that Wilson was married towards the victim’s mother.

An excerpt in the recording’s transcript, as printed legally &amp Crime, details Wilson tossing the thought of staging the victim’s murder to resemble a carjacking.

“Another factor I figured of, if there’s any method for you to do just like a carjacking, swipe his f****** vehicle and part it,” stated Wilson. “He’s had a killer stereo inside, that’s what caught attention was the stereo.”

Wilson claimed the sodomy claims were a bogus attempt by his ex-wife and her boy to squeeze 1000s of dollars from him, reported Law &amp Crime.

Not just did Wilson tell the undercover agent he wanted the juvenile victim to die, but also, he wanted the minor’s mother to die too, though he hadn’t directly solicited her murder, based on the DOJ.

“During that meeting, based on court papers, Wilson told the undercover agent he wanted he might have the victim’s mother wiped out too. However, he was without the cash,” based on the federal release. “Wilson stated he wished the victim’s mother could be so troubled over her child’s dying that they would kill herself.”

On Jan. 22, 2019, Wilson drove from Sedalia to satisfy the undercover agent in Might, Kansas, underneath the pretense the agent was a real hitman. Wilson compensated the agent $2,000 and guaranteed another $5,000 following the job was finished. The defendant also purchased 25 shotgun shells for that supposed hitman to make use of within the murder.

Wilson provided the undercover agent having a photo from the juvenile.

Right after Wilson left the meeting, he was arrested with a trooper in the Missouri Condition Highway Patrol.

The situation was investigated through the ATF, Missouri Condition Highway Patrol, and also the Sedalia Police Department. arrived at to Pettis County officials concerning the current status from the pending statutory sodomy charges but didn’t get an immediate response.

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