Mississippi Man Performed In Wife’s Murder Accepted To Sister-In-Law’s Slaying Before Dying

A charged Mississippi child rapist, who had been offer dying for that 2010 murder of his wife, confessed to killing his sister-in-law inside a separate slaying just before his execution, officials stated now.

David Neal Cox, who had been sentenced to dying within the murder of his estranged spouse, Kim Kirk Cox, also accepted to transporting the killing of his brother’s wife, Felecia Cox, days before he was performed in a condition penitentiary on November. 17, based on prosecutors. 

Officials are actually assembling searching to discover the remains Mississippi mother according to information supplied by the previous dying row inmate.

The 51-year-old man, prosecutors stated, revealed the place of Felecia Cox’s remains to some group of publish-conviction attorneys in return for immunity associated with her disappearance. Now, prosecutors confirmed Cox have been absolved associated with a possible murder charges.

“We were relieved not just so that you can acquire some closure towards the situation but additionally mainly for that victim’s family,” First Circuit Da, John Weddle, told “We were extremely pleased that people could obtain the information, now we have to find out if it’s accurate information. 

“We really didn’t have set on delaying almost anything to prosecute him with this murder,” Weddle described. “Therefore we were prepared to grant him immunity to provide us the data on the position of the body.”

Felecia Cox disappeared in This summer 2007 while planning a trip to see her incarcerated husband, Shaun Cox — David’s brother — who had been arrested within an Oxford, Mississippi jail, based on military services weapons person’s report acquired by The then 40-year-old mother had arranged to obtain a ride towards the jail from her husband’s brother, David, and the wife, Kim.

The couple’s home was the final place she was seen alive, relatives stated. David Cox rapidly grew to become an individual of great interest in her own disappearance, but ultimately denied any participation and it was never billed.

“We type of always felt enjoy it was David or he a minimum of understood what went down or required part inside it,” Amber Miskelly, Felecia Cox’s daughter, told on Tuesday. “We just didn’t have all the details to demonstrate it.”

The situation ultimately went cold.

In August 2021, shortly before David Cox’s scheduled execution, detectives in the Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Department interviewed him in reference to his sister-in-law’s disappearance. The meeting, officials stated, was unsuccessful.

Cox, however, later disclosed the place of his sister-in-law’s corpse to his publish-conviction attorneys, who passed that information onto prosecutors.

The Mississippi Office of Capital Publish-Conviction Counsel stated Cox had felt “deep remorse and desired to bring closure to her family,” inside a statement released .

Search efforts for Felecia Cox’s remains is going to be concentrated in Pontotoc County investigators stated throughout a press conference on Monday. Officials, who have been tight-lipped concerning the exact place, are hopeful David Cox’s information can result in the invention of his sister-in-law’s remains.

“We feel certain that he’s done the very best he is able to to try and reveal the place there,” Weddle added. “We think we have a high probability and we’re hopeful that we’ll have the ability to do this for your loved ones and shut the situation.”

Officials believed search crews could be deployed inside the month. 

“Soon we’ll be capable of getting available and do this,” Weddle stated. “Hopefully soon.” 

Archeological and anthropological experts from Mississippi Condition College will also be now waiting to help investigators involving identification efforts associated with a remains found.

“To close the situation about this, measure the level solved, not to mention to own family some closure, I believe i believe like a prosecutor, it’s more essential to shut the investigative file onto it,” Weddle added. “But like a person, as part of the city up here, our hearts visit the household in times such as this so we want closure on their behalf.”

This Year, David Cox was charged within the murder of his wife Kim Kirk Cox’s murder, along with the sexual assault of her 12-year-old daughter. He was sentenced to dying, based on online jail records acquired by

Felecia Cox’s daughter, Miskelly, was 18 when her mother disappeared. She’d discovered she was pregnant shortly prior to the disappearance.

For a long time, she stated, the household continues to be suffering from the uncertainty of the items became of her mother — but recovering her remains now, she stated, will bring a little fragment of closure for their family.

“It’s been really tough,” stated Miskelly, who works being an office assistant in a tire repair center in Ripley, Mississippi. “It will be a relief so we could finally offer her an effective funeral. This means something to me.”

“It certainly means a great deal because this way I’d have somewhere where I possibly could go visit her,” she added. “And also to just finally know where she’s.”

Felicia Cox collected miniature dolphin figurines, admired music — specially the singer Kid Rock — and it was obsessive about writing and journaling. Her favorite color was crimson, Miskelly stated.

“She was my mate,” Miskelly remembered. “She was ever present for me personally.”

Felcia Cox’s household is now eagerly waiting for any updates from county investigators concerning the restored search.

Miskelly stated that, regardless of the outcome, the justice system had lengthy ago “failed” their loved ones. 

“The investigators from Pontotoc County, in my experience, didn’t do their jobs excellent,” Miskelly mentioned. 

The 32-year-old also dramatically belittled police force because of not seriously investigating her mother’s disappearance at that time. 

“Her situation file has nothing inside it much to exhibit the things they even did and that i seem like when they might have done their jobs better, this might have been solved a lengthy time ago,” Miskelly stated.

Pontotoc County Sheriff Leo Mask, whose office is assisting prosecutors searching efforts forFelecia Cox, didn’t respond to your questions all around the open situation .

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