Missing Nj Couple Found Dead In Forest Near Their House

The physiques of the missing Nj couple were found Tuesday inside a “densely wooded area” near their house.

The Stafford Township Police stated the physiques of Gary Parker, 67, and the wife Lorraine, 60, were found around 1 p.m. Tuesday with a Stafford Township Police Department drone in Pine Barrons, single.a million-acre nature preserve, based on an announcement from police.

An autopsy is going to be conducted in a few days to find out the official reason for dying, but police stated “no foul play is thought to be involved.”

“Our department transmits its condolences towards the Parker’s family and buddies,” police stated.

Stafford Township Police Capt. James Vaughn told the 2009 week the couple was last seen on November. 17 however, someone reported talking with the pair on November. 21.

Based on Vaughn, Gary Parker’s ATV was discovered “near the rear of his wooded property together with his shotgun shackled by it.”

Although investigators believed he’d used the ATV sooner or later, it wasn’t obvious when that might have been.

The couple’s daughter, Lindsay Parker, published on Facebook  on November 23 that her parents were taking a “quad ride within the forest near their house in Warren Grove” once they disappeared.

“Please keep each of them inside your hopes,” she pleaded.

Prior to making the invention Tuesday, police had extensively looked the heavily wooded area to try and discover the missing couple. Additionally to combing the region by feet, government bodies also looked the forest with ATVs, K-9s, air support and drones.

Police stated the couple’s physiques were ultimately found “in the vicinity of the residence.”

The Pine Barrens, that are also sometimes referred to as Pinelands, comprise greater than 1.a million acres and comprise dense pine forests, sandy roads and cedar plank swamps, according to

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