Missing Florida Mother Found Hidden In Alabama Barn, Ex Arrested In Tennessee

Your body of the Florida lady who disappeared was discovered dead in Alabama after government bodies arrested her ex in Tennessee.

Cassie Catherine Carli of Navarre Beach disappeared soon after a child custody exchange with Marcus Spanavelo, the father of her 4-year-old daughter, on March 27, as formerly reported. Throughout a live press conference on Sunday, government bodies using the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office stated the 37-year-mother was discovered dead inside a shallow grave in the barn on Saturday evening.

“We discovered her body while executing searching warrant in Alabama,” stated Sheriff Bob Manley. “It’s and not the ending we would have liked, clearly, but we’re wishing it’ll give a little closure for your loved ones.”

Government bodies confirmed it had been Carli with different tattoo located on the body. They did not reveal the way they determined the place of Carli’s body but stated that Spanavelo “does possess a link with the property” where it had been found.

This news came eventually after government bodies announced the arrest of Spanevelo in Tennessee on charges of tampering with evidence, giving falsehoods concerning military services weapons persons analysis and destruction of evidence. Government bodies stated they enlisted the aid of multiple agencies, such as the Tennessee Highway Patrol, to arrest Spanevelo throughout a traffic stop.

The sheriff’s office stated there aren’t any other suspects within the analysis, adding they believed Spanevelo have been “acting just like a dirtbag.”

“He was totally uncooperative,” stated Manley. “He never cooperated whatsoever around, which goes a lengthy way. You consider it, it’s your baby’s mother, and she’s missing, and you aren’t likely to cooperate with government bodies. That’s type of telltale.”

Government bodies stated in the press conference the tampering with evidence charge stemmed from Spanevelo allegedly taking Carli’s phone he “basically eliminated it,” they stated.

The telephone was later retrieved.

Manley applauded the main Crimes Unit for issuing multiple search warrants and traveling over 1,500 miles across several states within the week-lengthy look for Cassie Carli.

Carli was reported missing eventually after ending up in Spanevelo to switch their daughter in a beach included in a prearranged child custody agreement.

Suspicion of foul play increased when government bodies retrieved Carli’s vehicle on March 29 together with her purse — although not her phone — still inside.

“What we found concerning was, within the vehicle, was Cassie’s purse,” Manley formerly mentioned. “Most women don’t leave their purse behind once they go somewhere. …I’ve been married 32 years, and I’ll let you know, my spouse goes nowhere without her purse.”

On March 30, the sheriff’s office announced the couple’s child was discovered safe. Based on Sunday’s pr release, she is discovered in Tennessee and it has since been put into the proper care of family people.

Sheriff Manley stated Spanavelo could more charges following the postmortem study of Carli, that was scheduled to occur in Alabama on Monday morning. They expect to look for the reason for dying in those days.

“We certainly possess a great situation,” Manley ongoing. “I think when the autopsy is performed and also you begin to see the charges filed, you’ll understand. I believe there exists a great situation, and he’s either likely to spend the remainder of his existence imprisonment, or he’s getting the needle. Hopefully, the needle.”

Spanevelo remains in Tennessee, waiting for extradition.

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