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Missing Florida Mom’s Ex Was Purchased To Pay For Her Lawyers Just Days Before Murder

A guy presently in child custody in Tennessee on charges associated with his ex’s murder was purchased to pay for her legal charges within their ongoing, acrimonious child custody fight just days before her murder.

Marcus Spanevelo, 34, is presently being locked in Tennessee on charges of tampering with evidence, giving falsehoods concerning military services weapons persons analysis and destruction of evidence. He was arrested on Saturday in Tennessee on the warrant from Santa Rosa County in Florida, police announced.

Spanevelo’s charges connect with the disappearance of his ex, Cassie Carli, 37, who went missing following the scheduled child custody swap of the 4-year-old daughter on March 27 within the parking area from the restaurant Juana’s Pagodas in Navarre Beach, Florida, that is just west of Pensacola. Her family reported her missing on March 28 and, on March 29, her vehicle and purse put together inside a parking area close to the restaurant. Her phone, however, didn’t have police told reporters on Saturday that Spanevelo had and discarded it, although it has since been retrieved.

Carli’s body is discovered hidden inside a shallow grave in the barn in Springville, Alabama — an urban area northeast of Birmingham that’s nearly 300 miles where she disappeared — on Sunday.

Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Manley told reporters on Sunday he expected Spanevelo to manage more charges after Carli’s autopsy was completed. The medical examiner told Pensacola ABC affiliate Put on on Monday that they completed the preliminary exam but were waiting on toxicology leads to release a contributing factor to dying. 

In a preliminary hearing in Tennessee on Monday, Spanevelo declined to waive extradition to Florida around the charges he presently faces, Mobile CBS affiliate WKRG reported.

“There’s something that should be resolved before I am prepared to go down that path,” he told the judge. “I’m just looking to get … to make certain my daughter is taken proper care of using the people who I am departing her with.”

Some-year-old is presently remaining with Spanevelo’s relatives in Tennessee underneath the auspices from the state’s Child Protective Services, Fox News and WKRG reported. Carli’s household is apparently looking to get child custody from the girl.

On Monday, Fox News reported that, just nine days before Carli’s disappearance, Spanevelo was purchased to pay for nearly $6,000 of Carli’s legal charges within the ongoing child custody fight he’d apparently been waging over Saylor.

In summer time 2021, Spanevelo filed legal petitions to hold Carli in contempt of court, in addition to a motion for temporary child custody, a motion to request daycare attendance, and various other petitions, the opening reported. That August, Cassie Carli’s sister, Raeanne Carli, produced a GoFundMe to assist together with her sister’s legal bills within the ongoing child custody situation.

Around the page, Cassie Carli authored that she’d conceive together with her daugher just two several weeks into her relationship with Spanevelo, which started in This summer 2017. She alleged he was manipulative and abusive right from the start, but she overlooked what she termed the indicators.

“Within my pregnancy, this man’s abusive control and manipulation escalated,” she authored, based on Fox News. “But getting battled infertility within my first marriage, I anxiously wanted a household. So, I justified his erratic behavior as lengthy when i could.”

Raeanne Carli told The Sun’s Rays that Cassie Carli broke the connection with Spanevelo five several weeks into being pregnant, but had held out hope the two could co-parent effectively.

Individuals hopes were rapidly dashed, apparently. Around the sisters’ GoFundMe page from August 2021, Cassie Carli alleged that Spanevelo had reported her to child services numerous occasions: He “filed a large number of false police reports” she authored, based on Fox News, and known as CPS “a lot of occasions, I nearly found know the majority of the staff by name.”

Raeanne Carli told The Sun’s Rays that, among the continuing child custody fight, Cassie Carli had grown afraid that Spanevelo could escalate what have been his ongoing verbal and emotional abuse.

“She’d perform alert” throughout the child custody swaps Raeanne Carlie told the paper, “while he would be a rollercoaster, just up and lower and unpredictable.

“She’d let me know, ‘He’s got this try looking in his eye and it is just frightening,'” she added.

Around the Sunday that Cassie Carli went missing, her family states the child custody swap was scheduled for 7:00 p.m. At 9:40 p.m., based on texts reviewed by The Sun’s Rays, her father, Andrew Carli texted Cassie Carli’s phone to inquire about where she was.

“I am losing it situation call me once you have this message,” it apparently read.

An answer from her phone did not ease his mind.

“I am sorry, vehicle was causing problems and that i broke my phone. Marcus is focusing on it. I’ll remain at his place tonight.”

Neither Andrew nor Raeanne Carli believes that Cassie Carli sent that message.

“If she was getting troubles, she’d never seek the aid of him, that’s just crazy,” Raeanne told The Sun’s Rays. “She’d walk across the street from center before she requested him for anything.”

It had been the final anybody been told by Cassie Carli or her phone.

Around 5:30 p.m. the very next day, the paper reports that Andrew Carli adopted track of Spanevelo, who allegedly responded that his ex-girlfriend had requested him to decrease her “in the center of nowhere in Destin” — that is greater than 20 miles east of Navarre Beach — to stick with a girlfriend named Stacey.

“Stacey gone to live in Alabama not long ago,” Andrew Carli responded, based on the Sun. “Cassie would not have you ever drop her off anywhere. Is her vehicle in your home?”

Spanevelo allegedly stated that Cassie Carli’s automobile was still being in Navarre, where it had been later found, and that he had playing their daughter.

Her family reported her missing.

2 days later, on March 30, police spoke to Spanevelo within the Birmingham area, based on WKRG and notified Alabama’s child services of the existence of his daughter, based on the Alabama Media Group.

Spanevelo was arrested 220 miles away, in Lebanon, Tennessee on Saturday April 2. His daughter was with him.

It’s presently unclear whether, if he’s directly billed in Cassie Carli’s dying, individuals charges could be filed in Florida or Alabama, the Alabama Media Group reported.

The Springville, Alabama barn — that is found on a house — by which Cassie Carli’s body was discovered is stated to possess been associated with Spanevelo, though police haven’t yet stated how. Put on reported the listed owner in county records is Outtabounds LLC, which utilizes a telephone number that is similar to a business known as the ESB Group, a nearby audiovisual services company. The Sun’s Rays reports that Spanevelo was being employed as a subcontractor to some Birmingham-area audiovisual company

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