Missing Florida Lady Taken On Video Swimming In River Before Disappearance

Recently surfaced videos and photos show military services weapons Florida women swimming inside a river your day she disappeared.

The recording and 2 photos taken by hikers in the region and released through the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office show 31-year-old Paola Marie Miranda-Rosa wading in to the Wekiva River in Wekiwa Springs Condition Park on December 18.

Investigators are actually hunting a 4-and-a-half mile portion of the river near in which the photos have been taken, following the sheriff’s office stated her family could positively identify Paola because the part of the pictures.

The sheriff’s office has acquired a Zistos Portable Underwater Camcorder System they planned to make use of within the latest search beginning on Thursday.

“This devices are high-intensity camera system with lights,” government bodies stated. “It has got the capacity to determine into hard-to-achieve areas that can’t be explored by standard scuba equipment.”

Paola was last seen on 12 ,. 17 when she’d lunch together with her mother, grandmother and uncle on 12 ,. 17, based on The Orlando Sentinel. The following day her family stated she designed a withdrawal from your ATM after which headed towards the condition park.

“After that they just disappeared,” her sister Andrea Miranda stated.

The household reported her missing on 12 ,. 19 once they were not able to achieve her and then found her vehicle parked in the condition park on Tuesday 12 ,. 21, but there wasn’t any manifestation of Paola, local station WOFL reports.

“We immediately felt like something was wrong. It’s simply not normal,” Andrea told the neighborhood station recently.

The Oc Sheriff’s Office and Osceola County Sheriff’s Office labored together to look the park using drones, motorboats, SCUBA motorists and bloodhounds from 12 ,. 21-23, but were not able to locate any manifestation of the missing lady, The Orlando Sentinel reports.

The Oc Sheriff’s Office stated in an early on statement announcing the disappearance that Paola is affected with schizophrenia and bpd coupled with made threats to harm herself previously, but didn’t make any statements of this kind before she disappeared.  

Government bodies have stated they don’t believe foul play is associated with the disappearance, the neighborhood paper reports.

The web site of Wekiwa Springs Condition Park states that swimming and snorkeling isn’t allowed in the Wekiva River. In 2015, another lady swimming in the forest around the block — despite signs telling visitors it had been prohibited — was seriously hurt within an alligator attack, the Orlando Sentinel reported at that time. Her story made national headlines and grew to become the topic of a chapter of Animal Planet’s “I Had Been Prey” series. (The alligator was caught and euthanized by government bodies soon after the attack.) arrived at to the department Friday to discover whether there was any developments within the situation, but didn’t get an immediate response.

Anybody with details about the Paola or her current location is advised to make contact with government bodies.

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