Millions Want The 110-Year Sentence Of Trucker Whose Brakes Unsuccessful Commuted

Countless Americans are visiting the defense of the trucker who had been sentenced to greater than a century in jail following a brake failure caused a fatal collision.

Colorado District Court Judge A. Bruce Johnson a week ago sentenced Rogel Lazaro Aguilera-Mederos, 26, to 110 years in prison to be driving of the 18-wheeler that caused a deadly crash in 2019, according to Denver-area news outlet Westword. The sentence came two several weeks following a jury found the Cuban immigrant responsible for 27 from 41 charges for causing the crash on Interstate 70 in Lakewood. He seemed to be in prison for four counts of vehicular homicide — one for each individual who passed on within the crash.

The judge stated he was certain to Colorado’s laws and regulations on mandatory-minimum sentencing because of the convictions, Fox News reports.

Throughout his trial, Aguilera-Mederos’ defense portrayed him as the victim of mechanical issues, which ultimately produced the brake failure that caused the fiery crash. The prosecution accused him to be irresponsible as well as failing to utilize a runaway truck ramp nearby — a ramp the trucker maintains he missed.

“I’m not a criminal,” he stated at his sentencing. “I’m not a killer. I’m not a killer. After I take a look at my charges, we’re speaking in regards to a killer, which isn’t me. I have not considered hurting anybody within my entire existence.”

In October, he maintained, “I wanted it could have been me.”

News of Aguilera-Mederos’ sentence continues to be shared everywhere by a week ago, and lots of have expressed that 110 years seems like way too much.

Greater than 4 million individuals have now signed a petition asking Colorado Gov. Jared Polis either to grant clemency to or commute the sentence of Aguilera-Mederos.

“This accident wasn’t intentional, nor could it have been a criminal act upon the motorists [sic] part,” the petition states. “No one however the trucking company he’sOrwas utilized by ought to be attributed with this accident.”

“There are lots of things Rogel might have completed to steer clear of the courts, but he required responsibility demonstrated up and seriously apologized towards the victims families,” it ongoing. “A few of the families even offered Forgiveness.”

An agent from told over email on Monday morning the papers are “the quickest-growing petition on the platform in 2021.”

Other truckers will also be coming to Aguilera-Mederos’ defense. Several truck motorists announced, including one out of a now-viral TikTok video, that they’re intending to boycott driving through Colorado because of the tough sentence, Fox News reports.

Inside a Friday statement, the ACLU of Colorado mentioned, “Within the wake of the horrible accident, we ought to examine how you can ensure something similar to this never happens again. But outrageously lengthy sentences don’t stop us safe, they pile inequity on the top of tragedy. We ask all involved to fix this injustice.”

Domingo Garcia, obama from the civil legal rights group League of U . s . Latin Americans, has additionally sent instructions to Polis requesting whether pardon or reduced sentencing.

“It had been an egregious miscarriage of justice,” Garcia mentioned within the letter, based on Fox News.

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