Michigan Father Who Wiped out Wife With Heroin-Laced Cereal In 2014 Sentenced To Existence

A Michigan father who fatally spiked his wife’s cereal with heroin and sold around the her existence insurance plan greater than seven years back will expend the remainder of his existence in jail. 

Jason Harris, 47, received a existence sentence without the potential of parole on Friday regarding the the 2014 fatal poisoning of his wife, Christina Ann Thomspon-Harris. Thomson-Harris died after ingesting cereal laced with drugs, prosecutors stated.

On Sept. 29, 2014, Thompson-Harris was discovered unresponsive in the couple’s home in Davison, Michigan. A “light colored fluid” was discovered round her lips and mouth, based on a police report acquired by

An autopsy later figured that Thompson-Harris passed away from the lethal quantity of narcotics, shocking buddies and group of the 36-year-old Michigan mother who have been adamant she wasn’t a medication user. A frozen sample from the dead woman’s breast milk ultimately confirmed that they was not using drugs.

Based on charging documents, investigators later found that Jason Harris had accepted to co-workers to fatally poisoning his wife with heroin by lacing her cereal using the effective narcotic. 

“It was a terribly tragic situation that left two children without their loving and devoted mother and brothers and sisters along with other family people having a big hole within the fabric of the family,” David Leyton, the prosecuting attorney for Genesee County, told inside a statement on Monday mid-day. “My heart is out to these and that i hope the conviction and sentence to existence imprisonment of Jason Harris enables these to take another healthy step toward closure because they still grieve their loss.”

Throughout his sentencing, the case’s presiding judge also blasted Jason Harris like a “murderer” along with a “liar.”

“The jury saw through all of the lies and that i look out of all of the lies,” stated Genesee County Circuit Court Judge David Newblatt told Harris throughout his sentencing, reported.

Thompson-Harris’ family breathed a sigh of relief following a 47-year-old’s sentencing.

“I am relieved the trial and also the sentencing are finished,” Kathy Mays, Thompson-Harris’ mother, told, on Monday. “It’s been a lengthy time…We’ve remained focused. This stuff take some time.”

An old friend of Thompson-Harris mentioned that, within per week of Thompson-Harris’s dying, Jason Harris started freely dating a lady he’d been seeing behind his wife’s back while she was alive.

Buddies from the couple stated Harris have been texting numerous women, “before, during, after the birth,” of the daughter, law enforcement report mentioned. 

Per month after his wife’s murder, prosecutors stated Harris cashed a $100,000 existence insurance check associated with her dying.

Harris’ co-workers also told police force the 47-year-old had freely discussed feeding his wife “cereal with narcotics” the night time before her dying — and the man have been lacing her food with effective sedatives “to knock her out” for days. 

One co-worker, who told police he’d offered Xanax to Harris, later discovered using their company colleagues that Harris had accepted to presenting it to immobilize his wife.  

“Christina would drink water and she or he would spit it since it sampled funny,” an old friend of Harris’ told detectives inside a statement.

Investigators stated Jason Harris frequently freely spoke of his disdain for his wife while at work, once acknowledging to a different co-worker he’d hired an assassin to kill Thompson-Harris in August 2014. Also, he freely aired accusations he wasn’t the biological father from the couple’s daughter. 

Furthermore, Harris’ sister, Rachael Harris, also told investigators that her brother had made comments about “how to eliminate Christina.”

“Christy didn’t deserve this,” Patricia Hutchinson, the Thompson-Harris’ more youthful sister, stated inside a victim impact statement acquired by “We cannot choose our parents, or the things they made a decision to do…My wish is perfect for my loved ones to reside our way of life without having to worry if he’ll be freed. I would like us to possess a reassurance and never be worried about him again.”

Christina Mays’ mother, who stated she’d been “longing” during the day justice was offered, stated she’s never visited her daughter’s graveyard funeral plot within the seven years since her murder. 

“Jason denied me grandparenting time,” Kathy Mays stated in her own victim impact statement. “Thoughts of losing my daughter, her deceased father ,and my living granddaughters was incomprehensive.”

Thompson-Harris’ family described her like a “tenacious,” “precocious,” and “caring” parent, who had been “over the moon” to become a mother. She’d two children, who’re now seven and 12 years of age correspondingly, with Jason Harris.

“Being a mom would be a game-changer on her,” Kathy Mays added.

The 36-year-old, who had been deeply spiritual, admired celebrating holidays with family and loved hockey. She would be a “bandwagon” fan from the Detroit Red Wings, her mother stated.

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