Mehnaz Zaman Was A Kind Of Mass Killer Referred To As An ‘Injustice Collectors’ States Doc

Peacock’s “Perfect World: A Deadly Game” documents how mass killer Menhaz Zaman wrapped his on the internet buddies in to the slaughter of his family. Why did he get it done?

In 2019, Menhaz Zaman, then-23, wiped out four of his family people in their Toronto home by stabbing them, beating all of them with a crowbar, and slitting their throats.  

After Zaman wiped out his 50-year-old mother Momtaz Zaman, he submitted a photograph of her body to some Discord talk about the multi-player gaming known as Perfect World. The chat, referred to as Void community, was a web-based gaming group where Zaman was an energetic participant. Right after posting the photo of his mother, he shared certainly one of his dead 70-year-old grandmother Firoza Begum. He confessed towards the murders to his fellow gamers, trying to explain to his nearest online buddies he was preparing to kill his sister and father next.

The members labored diligently to determine where Zaman was located so that they could save his surviving family people. When they effectively pinpointed where Zaman resided, when police knocked on his door, his 59-year-old father Moniruz Zaman and 21-year-old sister Malesa Zaman were also dead.

Zaman pleaded guilty in September of 2020 to any or all four murders. Two several weeks later, he was sentenced to existence imprisonment. 

He claimed he wiped out his family while he was ashamed he had lied for them about being signed up for college to get an engineer the truth is, he’d dropped out. The murders came eventually before his supposed graduation.

“I did this since i don’t want my parents to have the shame of getting a boy much like me,” he’d claimed, based on a 2019 VICE report. “I selected to kill them rather of me from cowardliness, because of me becoming an atheist and believing this is actually the only existence we obtain. Yes, it might seem confusing but what’s done is performed and just what have been planned continues to be concluded.”

Criminologist Dr. Michael Arntfield told inside a phone interview he does believe Zaman’s explanation is “largely accurate.” 

“People of this mindset have a tendency to fixate on particular perceived slights after which create a plan they set up,” he stated.

While Zaman is technically a family annihilator, Arntfield stated he exhibited traits typically contained in mass shooters, particularly school shooters and disgruntled workplace shooters. 

These murderers squeeze into a particular type known as “injustice collectors.” 

“They happen to be fixed on little slights,” he told “They spent a lot amount of time in an illusion world and detached from healthy relationships and support, they process time much differently. 3 years ago within the mind of those ‘injustice collectors’ is much like a week ago. Time goes a lot more gradually. Regardless of the perceived trauma is, time stops.”

He stated that although these “perceived traumas” may appear promising small to an average joe, they are important towards the killer.

“Often the motive to correctly-adjusted people appears trivial and absurd but someone this withdrawn and emotionally cold […] something very minor will probably be justification for transporting out these fantasies,” he stated. 

Arntfield told he believes that Zaman had schizoid personality disorder, that they stated is usually in virtually every mass killer, family annhilators incorporated. The disorder is characterised by detachment and indifference, which Zaman’s online buddies noted he exhibited.  

Arntfield wasn’t surprised at Zaman’s gaming obsession, saying that individuals with the disorder possess a “proneness to retreat into fantasy” and therefore are attracted “to activities that provide a lot of fantasizing.”

“Perfect World: A Deadly Game” debuts on March 8.

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