‘Meek’ Husband With ‘Double Life’ Bashed Wife’s Mind On Stairs, Then Claimed She Died Inside A Fall

In Oakland, California, Laurie Wolfe, 57, had designed a reputation for herself like a effective businesswoman and house owner. She’d a little, tight circle of family and buddies.

But on This summer 6, 2014, everything found an finish.

On that day, her locksmith professional husband, Frederick Bontempo, known as 911 at 6:30 p.m., claiming that Wolfe had tucked and fallen to her dying lower a staircase within their home.

When police and paramedics showed up in the scene, they discovered that Wolfe’s muscles had already stiffened, which roused accusations concerning the timing of her fall. Bloodstream on the wall near the foot of the steps elevated another warning sign.

Government bodies asked whether Bontempo had delayed making the phone call for help, investigators told “Accident, Suicide or Murder,” airing Saturdays at 7/6c on Archiweekend. 

Because they considered the suspicious timeline, government bodies evaluated the scene and Wolfe’s injuries to find out if physical evidence was in line with an accidental fall. 

Detectives in the Oakland Police Department and also the FBI labored the situation.

When Bontempo, who by friends’ accounts would be a “meek introvert,” was interviewed by investigators, he accepted he didn’t immediately call 911 upon finding his wife at the end from the stairs while he had “freaked.” 

Also, he volunteered he had oiled the steps, which in fact had no railing, that morning. Bontempo was launched and remained having a family friend because their own home had been investigated. 

Buddies and family people thought that Wolfe and Bontempo were built with a good relationship. They’d pointless to suspect foul play, they told producers.

Detectives’ accusations, however, deepened, once they uncovered details regarding Wolfe’s seven-figure estate. She’d no will and assets more vital than $4 million. Bontempo was shocked to understand that, based on a buddy who required around the role of conservator. 

Because Bontempo was the only beneficiary from the valuable estate, detectives believed they found a potential motive for murder. 

Each day after Wolfe’s dying, an autopsy was performed. It revealed internal and exterior injuries, including damaged ribs. The pathologist was not able to find out that her dying would be a homicide in those days. 

As detectives anticipated the official reason for dying, they acquired searching warrant for Bontempo’s phone records. These digital clues brought investigators for an individual offering Bontempo with narcotic painkillers, Sgt. Leonel G. Sanchez, investigator using the Oakland Police Dept., told producers. 

Buddies didn’t learn about Bontempo’s pill-popping habit. Government bodies recognized it required savvy and determination to become so deceitful.

“We learned through our analysis he was spending increasingly more cash on his addiction,” stated Laura Passaglia, Deputy Da for Alameda County. “He had the heart to type of be living this double existence, and it was effective in internet marketing.”

 As proof of Bontempo’s deceptions mounted, investigators recognized the staircase was answer to the situation. They introduced it in the whole towards the crime lab for forensic analysis. Additionally they introduced parts of the wall at the bottom of the steps.

Lower steps from the staircase revealed mind impressions which were sporadic with Bontempo’s story that his wife fell. Hands swipes in bloodstream on your wall also contradicted his form of the occasions. 

Wolfe’s dying was ultimately ruled a homicide. “The reason for dying within this situation was skull fractures in the blunt pressure trauma towards the mind,” stated Passaglia.

Investigators found another warning sign. Home security camera footage from Wolfe’s neighbor demonstrated that Bontempo had left the home before with help. He’d said excitedly he hadn’t left home. 

Had he left to discard bloody clothes or any other evidence? Government bodies were not able to obtain an answer, however they understood Bontempo had lied for them.

30 days after Wolfe’s dying, Oakland police arrested Bontempo. Buddies were shocked and believing that government bodies had designed a mistake. 

Annually after Bontempo was billed together with his wife’s murder, his trial started. Prosecutors stated that Bontempo were built with a financial motive for murder. Defense attorneys known as upon witnesses to testify towards the couple’s passion for one another, reported at that time.

But eventually, buddies who supported Bontempo were swayed through the evidence against him, they told producers.

Throughout the 15-day trial, prosecutors leaned heavily on forensic evidence. They stated defensive injuries on her behalf hands which were sporadic having a fall. Passaglia emphasized that Wolfe’s mind had intentionally struck the staircase 16 occasions. They are driving home the repeated violence, she slammed a magazine on the table in the courtroom 16 occasions.

Bontempo was charged of second-degree murder. He was sentenced to fifteen many years to existence. 

To understand more about the situation, watch “Accident, Suicide or Murder,” airing Saturdays at 7/6c on Archiweekend, or stream episodes here.

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