Maryland Father Sentenced To Existence For Murder Of Wife He Attempt To Blame On Panhandler

A Maryland man who was adamant his wife was fatally stabbed throughout a botched robbery involving a panhandler continues to be sentenced to existence imprisonment on her killing, based on officials.

Keith Tyrone Cruz, 55, was charged in December within the 2018 deadly knife attack of his spouse, Jacquelyn Anne Cruz. Keith Cruz, who claimed his 54-year-old wife was murdered after giving $10 to some panhandler, was ultimately charged after their own daughter confessed his police statement would be a “hoax.”

Valeria Cruz, his daughter, formerly pleaded guilty to accessory afterwards in her own mother’s murder. She was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment.

“Keith Cruz will justly serve a existence sentence imprisonment for strongly stabbing his wife to dying after which creating a more sophisticated cover-up intend to cowardly blame panhandlers for his terrible attack,” State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby stated inside a statement. “My victim advocates continuously support Ms. Jacquelyn Smith’s family because they mourn the devastating lack of their family member.”

Soon after night time on 12 ,. 1, 2018, Baltimore police officials taken care of immediately John Hopkins Hospital after reports of the stabbing. Upon arrival, investigators learned that Jacquelyn Cruz have been introduced towards the hospital by her husband with multiple stab wounds, and also the 54-year-old engineer was later pronounced dead.

An autopsy says Jacquelyn Cruz have been stabbed five occasions within the chest and sustained a cut to her lower right arm. Her dying was subsequently ruled a homicide.

Under questioning, Keith Cruz told detectives his wife was attacked with a stranger who stabbed her numerous occasions after she gave cash to some lady panhandling in the pub. 

He claimed he and the wife were driving within the 1000 block of Valley Street in north Baltimore together with his daughter, Valeria Cruz, once they saw a women panhandler holding an infant.

Keith Cruz, who had been operating the automobile, stated he stopped at his wife’s request and she or he supposedly then handed the destitute lady $10 with the passenger window. He claimed that the man using the panhandler then stabbed Jacquelyn Cruz several occasions through her open window, grabbed her necklace and wallet and fled the scene using the lady panhandler.

Government bodies, however, determined the Maryland father had invented both panhandler and knife-wielding assailant. His daughter, Valeria Cruz, told investigators the storyline would be a “hoax” and eventually accepted to witnessing her father stab her mother to dying in Druid Hill Park near a zoo. 

Based on prosecutors, Valeria Smith’s mobile phone data — including geographical coordinates — also discounted her father’s form of occasions. Electronic records confirmed the 3 were in Druid Hill Park during the time of Jacquelyn Smith’s murder, not in north Baltimore on Valley Street.

Smith’s daughter Valeria decided to testify against her father in return for a smaller charge. 

Jacquelyn Cruz labored being an electrical engineer at Aberdeen Showing Ground, a U.S. Army research facility roughly 37 miles northeast of Baltimore, the Baltimore Sun reported. Family members described Cruz as “loving,” “giving”, “intelligent” and “witty,” based on an obituary.

Work from the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City didn’t immediately answer’s request comment concerning the situation on Tuesday mid-day.

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