Marilyn Manson Sues Evan Rachel Wood For Attorney Over ‘Malicious’ Accusations Of Rape And Abuse

Marilyn Manson has sued former fiancée and actress Evan Rachel Wood for attorney over accusations he raped and mistreated her in their romance, calling the allegations a “malicious falsehood.”

The suit alleges that for quite some time before Wood made headlines for any social networking publish in Feb of 2021 accusing Manson, whose real name is John Warner, of abuse, she’d conspired with Ashley Gore, a lady that has been her “on-again, off-again romantic partner.”

Together they “secretly employed, coordinated, and pressured prospective accusers to emerge concurrently with allegations of rape and abuse” against Manson included in a “conspiracy,” according to the suit openly shared by Manson.

The happy couple happen to be accused within the suit of impersonating a real estate agent from the Fbi inside a make believe letter to “create the false appearance that Warner’s alleged ‘victims’ as well as their families were at risk,” and supplying “checklists and scripts to prospective accusers” that listed “specific functions of abuse they should claim against Warner.”

The alleged listing is connected to the suit, which requests victim’s names, whether or not they are prepared to testify after which has a number of abuses they are able to check including “blood drinking” “cut or assaulted during intercourse without prior consent” and “locked in ‘bad girl room’ or not able to physically leave.”

Gore, who has additionally been referred to as Illma Gore, has additionally been charged with hacking into Manson’s computers, phones, email options and social networking accounts using his personal logins and passwords guaranteed by former employees and developing a fake email account “to manufacture purported evidence that Warner was emailing illicit pornography,” based on the suit.

Manson’s attorneys alleged that Gore also “swatted” Warner just days after Wood’s allegations on social networking, by calling police on February. 3, 2021 and pretending to become a good friend from the singer’s who had been worried about his welfare, delivering police, a helicopter and multiple squad cars to his home.

“This report was false,” the suit alleges. “Warner was aware of his wife along with a guest and never at risk. Gore understood her report was false—she and Warner haven’t even met.”

The suit describes Gore like a “grifter who understood that the organized attack on Warner—spearheaded by Wood’s own fabricated thought of rape and abuse—could benefit both of them.”

Based on the Manson’s attorneys, Wood went combined with the plan to ensure that her image might be “rebranded” from “someone who ‘still might most widely known for dating Marilyn Manson ten years ago’ into an blunt standard bearer for victims of domestic violence or sexual assault—thereby absolving her status for getting a ‘wild past’ and her embarrassment for getting experienced a lengthy-term relationship with Marilyn Manson.”

They allege the media attention surrounding Woods’ allegations was utilized to advertise her nonprofit The Phoenix Act and provided “more manufactured content” for any documentary the happy couple had “secretly” been focusing on since 2019. Cinemax signed onto project, entitled “Phoenix Rising” in 2020. The show is anticpated to be released on March 15.

“Predictably, both Wood and Gore are conspicuously featured—and heroically portrayed within the ‘documentary’” the suit alleges.  

Wood states within the documentary, which debuted at Sundance, that they was “coerced right into a commercial sex act under false pretenses” with Manson throughout the music video for “Heart-Formed Glasses,” based on Moving Stone.

“That’s once the first crime was committed against me,” she stated. “I was basically raped on-camera.”

Manson needs general, special and punitive damages against Wood and Gore, quarrelling the allegations of abuse have “derailed” his career and caused him to suffer “severe emotional distress.”

“This detailed complaint continues to be filed to prevent an offer of malicious and unjustified attacks on John Warner,” his attorney Howard King stated inside a statement to “Years after the finish of Evan Rachel Wood’s lengthy-term relationship with Warner, she and her girlfriend Illma Gore employed numerous ladies and convinced these to make false allegations against him – claims that Wood and Gore scripted on their behalf.” 

King continued to reference the “fabricated FBI letter” stating that Wood and Gore “unlawfully forged” the letter to “not just join their campaign but additionally to dupe Cinemax into disbursing a 1-sided ‘documentary’ premised on the presence of a completely make believe federal analysis.” 

“Despite the fact that Cinemax and also the producers happen to be informed about these serious functions of misconduct, they’ve so far selected to proceed regardless of the details,” King stated. “However the proof of wrongdoing by Wood and Gore is irrefutable – which law suit holds these to account.”

Wood spoken openly previously about being mistreated and raped inside a prior relationship, but never formally named her alleged abuser until February. 1, 2021 when she published a note on Instagram, stating that Manson had groomed her like a teen and “horrifically abused” her for a long time.

“I had been brainwashed and manipulated into submission,” she authored. “I am done residing in anxiety about retaliation, slander, or blackmail. I’m here to reveal this harmful man and on-site visit the numerous industries which have enabled him, before he ruins anymore lives. I stand using the many victims who won’t be silent.”

The pair dated from 2006 to 2010 and were briefly engaged before their split.

After Wood walked forward, a number of other ladies have made similar accusations from the singer, including “Game of Thrones” actor Esme Bianco who sued Manson in April. She accused the artist of violent sexual assaults along with other abuse between 2009 and 2013, NBC News reports.

The following month, he was accused by former assistant Ashley Walters of mental abuse and sexual exploitation.

Model Ashley Morgan Smithline has additionally filed a suit against Manson, accusing him of sexual battery, human trafficking and sexual assault.

Another suit filed with a Jane Doe was ignored after it had been determined the time limit had expired.

Wood has yet to discuss the suit against her.

Inside a publish on Twitter, Manson shared the suit writing “There will be a time after i can share much more about the occasions of history year. For now, I will allow the details speak on their own.”

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