Man Wrongly Charged Of Murder Discusses How He Lost All Hope In New Podcast

A Missouri man who offered 36 years in jail for any murder he didn’t commit is expressing his discomfort inside a new podcast that highlights wrongful convictions and injustice.

Rodney Lincoln subsequently, now 77, was 37 when JoAnn Tate, a lady he was dating casually, was stabbed to dying inside her St. Louis home in 1982. Her two youthful kids, 7-year-old Melissa and 4-year-old Renee, were also brutally attacked but survived. 

That very same year, Lincoln subsequently was charged of Tate’s murder and sentenced to existence without parole. The prosecution trusted the eyewitness testimony of Melissa, who initially identified her mom’s killer like a person called “Bill,” the Midwest Innocence Project has stated.

For many years, Lincoln subsequently and the family fought against to demonstrate he was innocent. “The Real Killer” podcast chronicles that arduous journey. DNA available on a hair in the scene wasn’t tested until 2010 once the Midwest Innocence Project required around the situation. The DNA didn’t match Rodney towards the scene however a judge ruled that wasn’t enough to exonerate him. Despite Melissa recanted her accusation in 2015, he continued to be in jail. 

The brand new podcast, created by Leah Rothman and AYR Media, interviews Lincoln subsequently because it highlights his wrongful conviction and fight for freedom.

“They say justice should be comparable to law,” Lincoln subsequently reflects within the newest episode from the podcast, which dropped now. “I never spoken to anybody who thought that justice is equivalent to law and a few of these people I spoken to are idol judges.”

When Lincoln subsequently was finally released from prison in 2018, he was 72. Just three several weeks later, he went skydiving together with his boy. However that love of existence was nearly lost in jail.

“I lost tabs on keeping pace using the world within an atmosphere which was stationary,” Lincoln subsequently stated inside a statement presented to

Rothman, who also hosts the podcast, told that Lincoln subsequently is “a true inspiration.”

“He’s the walking definitions of strength, resilience and empathy,” she stated.

Tate’s real killer has not been caught.

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