Man Wiped out In Plane Crash Recognized As Murderer Who Murdered 3 Florida Ladies And Possibly Others

Police force in Florida now identified a guy who died inside a 2005 plane crash because the suspected murderer accountable for brutally killing three women in Florida in the turn from the millennium. 

The Broward Sheriff’s Office announced Tuesday that Brazilian national Roberto Wagner Fernandes accounts for the murders of Kimberly Dietz-Livesey, Sia Demas and Jessica Good. The 3 women were wiped out inside a 14-month period in 2000 and 2001.

The department mentioned inside a pr release that Dietz-Livesey’s body is discovered in the suitcase along a roadway in Cooper City in June of 2000. Several days later, Demas’ remains put together stuffed inside a bag near Dania Beach. In August of 2001 Good’s remains put together floating in Miami”s Biscayne Bay.

“The three cases shared similar fact patterns, so that as detectives from BSO and Miami Police labored together, clues started to emerge,” the DNA evidence collected all three crimes pointed to 1 up to now unknown offender. Also, fingerprints in the evidence collected at two crime scenes were a match. However the identity from the killer continued to be a mysterious.”

But soon suspicion fell on Fernandes, a Brazilian citizen who resided in Miami within the late 1990s. Investigators say he came back to South america after Good’s killing.

This Year, fingerprints obtained from Fernandes following his wife’s dying matched the fingerprints in the crime scenes. 

Broward Sheriff’s Office Detective Zack Scott stated that Fernandes was charged with killing his wife in South america in 1996 but was found innocent. He seemed to be a suspect in “several investigations in South america, too,” Scott stated.

Investigators traveled to South america this year wishing to speak to Fernandes simply to discover he possibly died inside a plane crash there in 2005 while headed to Paraguay.

As Broward County investigators noted during Tuesday’s press conference, they didn’t trust he died within the plane crash detectives thought he might have faked their own dying and desired to exhume Fernandes’ body to find out if he truly was dead.

It required nearly ten years but officials have recently confirmed that he’s actually dead and also the killer.

Fernandes’ grave was opened up during late 2020 and early 2021 and the remains put together inside. Investigators could link his DNA profile towards the suspect profile collected in the crime scenes of Dietz-Livesey,  Demas and Good.

“Knowing his last minutes on the planet were most likely filled with terror makes me feel just a little better, but a minimum of today we are able to provide solutions towards the families so far as what went down to themselves and the one who was responsible,” Scott stated on Tuesday.

Officials believe Fernandes may result in other murders within the U . s . States. Anybody with details are advised to 954-321-4214.

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