Man Wiped out His Mother And Granny After Shooting Up Meth And ‘Looking For Lucifer’ 

A Sc man continues to be sentenced to 4 years in jail for killing both his mother and grandmother throughout a drug-caused haze.

Bradley C. Aldrich pleaded guilty but psychologically ill to 2 counts of murder, one count of attempted murder and 2 counts of having ammunition throughout the commission of the violent crime on Wednesday, the Anderson County Solicitor’s Office announced inside a pr release which was launched on Thursday.

Following his plea, Anderson County General Sessions Court  Judge Lawton McIntosh sentenced Aldrich to 40 years of prison for that slayings of his 50-year-old mother Theresa Wright and 79-year-old grandmother Judith Calvert.

The deadly incident started soon after 1 a.m. on May 6 of 2018 when Aldrich first shot his acquaintance, charged drug dealer Geebet Massey, within the chest having a .22 caliber hand gun.  Aldrich, who told investigators he’d been “shooting crystal meth and cocaine all day long,” thought there have been “two demons living inside him” and that he stated he was “looking for Lucifer” throughout the shooting, based on the pr release. Aldrich then fled the scene of this shooting and Massey, who survived, was treated for his injuries.

Just hrs later, Aldrich’s mother and grandmother put together dead by another relative in their home Aldrich have been residing in a tent behind the home.  Wright had beaten, stabbed, strangled, and shot his mother. He shot and stabbed Calvert, who had been found dead in her own bed.

While Aldrich initially blamed Massey for that killings, as well as stated which was why he shot him, he later mentioned he might have been the killer.  

“He continued to state when law enforcement would find his DNA though he then was the one that made it happen,” the pr release states. “The DNA from the Defendant was situated in finger nail scrapings from both victims, that is typically suggestive of challenging. They the Defendant was putting on as he was arrested also had the bloodstream of both victims in it.”

The pr release notes that both murder victims tested positive for crystal meth. 

“Drug me is the genesis of a lot of crimes of violence within the Upstate as well as in our Country,” Solicitor David Wagner stated. “I hope that drug users in Anderson County might find the training within this tragic matter and alter their behavior prior to it being far too late on their behalf, plus they too find yourself hurting or killing someone they love. This can be a pattern there has been very frequently.”

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