Man Who Murdered Beloved Brooklyn Pizzeria Legend Demonstrated ‘No Remorse’ In The Court

New You are able to City is known for legendary restaurants, and L&ampB Spumoni Gardens pizzeria in Brooklyn is among the most legendary. Louis Barbati, the cake palace’s proud and gregarious co-owner, only agreed to be as beloved and revered. 

Then when Barbati, 61, recognized to intimates by his nickname of LuLu, was gunned lower in broad daylight outside of his Brooklyn home on June 30, 2016, family members, loyal customers, and people from the NYPD were left reeling.

Barbati’s wife, Joanne, known as 911, and police rushed for their home within the Dyker Heights section of Brooklyn. Officials found Barbati with five gunshot wounds laying face lower on steps prior to his mystery.

“We understood he’d been shot numerous occasions. Even when he would be a block from the er, he did not are able,” Det. James Hemmer, NYPD, Brooklyn North Homicide Squad, told “New You are able to Homicide,” airing Saturdays at 9/8c on Archiweekend.

Barbati was pronounced dead in the scene. When his body was removed detectives centered on a bag underneath him. The sack contained greater than $15,000. Why was he holding a lot cash? Was his murder a botched burglary? Could it have been a mob hit? As police searched for solutions, the storyline that Barbati’s murder might be mafia-related grew to become headline news.

Although police didn’t have evidence of mob participation within the murder, charge needed to be explored. In the request from the NYPD, the FBI became a member of the situation and went after possible mob connections within the slaying, because the NYPD adopted on the robbery position.

The FBI centered on the alleged “mob war” within the thievery of L&ampB’s famous sauce recipe which had “nearly steamed over into bloodshed,” reported the Daily News.

“Spumoni Gardens performed no part within the feud,” stated Robert K. Boyce, former NYPD chief of detectives. “But there is allegedly a sit lower between two crime families to stay the dispute within the supply of the recipe.” 

However, the mob connection type of analysis brought to some stalemate.

Meanwhile, the NYPD found that L&ampB compensated out period bonuses in the past year to the six co-proprietors, stated Sr. A.D.A. Emily Dean, former Nobleman County DA’s Office. The money Barbati was transporting as he was wiped out – $15,483 – was the precise quantity of the power.

Police then had a lead when one neighbor from the victim reported visiting a suspicious vehicle — a white-colored Acura TL — parked close to the crime scene your day from the slaying. Another neighbor told detectives he saw the shooter fleeing the scene while putting on a dark-colored sweatshirt and running toward the white-colored Acura.

Witness statements concerning the vehicle anf the husband inside a sweatshirt were confirmed by wireless security camera footage acquired through the police. They deemed his lengthy-sleeved top might have covered telltale tattoos. Investigators also observed the man walked having a subtle limp and it was transporting a gun. 

“What the videotapes don’t show may be the actual moments from the weapons being discharged,” stated Arthur Aidala, a Barbati family friend and attorney. “Who is that this guy? Where did he originate from?”

To assist them to find out the man seen fleeing in the murder scene, police released images towards the public and offered a $2,500 Crime Stoppers reward for information. Barbati’s family set up $50,000 by themselves for tips resulting in an arrest.

Soon, a criminal offense Stoppers caller identified the person fleeing the scene as Andres Fernandez. The previous construction worker fit the person within the surveillance video “to a T,” stated Dean. 

Initially from Brooklyn, he resided in Lengthy Island, New You are able to. He’d a small criminal history, detectives stated. He drove a white-colored Acura TL. 

To boost their situation, detectives tracked Fernandez’s location at the time from the murder using mobile phone data and tower pings. They confirmed he was close to the Barbati home as he was wiped out.

Evidence was falling into position, but police were stumped about his motive for murdering Barbati. 

Still, Fernandez was arrested at his home on November 3, 2016. He requested an attorney and declined to create any statement.

His white-colored Acura TL is at his garage. Clothes matching what he was putting on within the security footage were collected as evidence, plus a card from his wallet. Barbati’s street address was written on the rear of the credit card.

Following a thorough analysis into the potential of the murder as being a mob hit over pizza sauce, the FBI determined that situation “had nothing related to this incident,” stated Hemmer. 

Police force never found a hyperlink between Fernandez and L&ampB apart from video surveillance that put him in the restaurant at the time from the crime.

Fernandez’s trial started in December 2019. Joanne Barbati’s emotional testimony shook the courtroom, based on Phil Grimaldi, a upon the market detective, NYPD, Brooklyn South Homicide Squad and Barbati’s cousin.

However, Fernandez “showed no remorse,” Grimaldi stated. “And he sitting there like he was located on a park bench watching the wild birds, twiddling his thumbs.

Andres Fernandez was in prison for second-degree murder and 2nd-degree criminal having ammunition. He was sentenced to 24 many years to existence imprisonment.

Barbati’s family is “still tortured by the possible lack of a motive,” said Aidala.

For additional about this situation yet others enjoy it, watch “New You are able to Homicide,”airing Saturdays at 9/8c on Archiweekend or stream episodes here.

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