Man Who Claimed He Automobile In Vegas Accommodation To ‘Beaten, Bloody And Unconscious’ Girlfriend Arrested

A California man who told police he automobile in a Vegas hotel room and found his girlfriend “beaten, bloody and unconscious” has become charged with her slaying.

Justin Medof, 31, is facing charges of open murder within the dying of his girlfriend, Stephanie Duarte, 30, after Vegas police stated Duarte is discovered within the motel room with blunt pressure trauma towards the mind, according to an announcement in the department.

Medof had allegedly placed a phone call to 911 around 8:15 a.m. on This summer 12, stating that he’d woken in his room in the Home2 Suites and located Duarte dead, based on a police report acquired by KLAS.

Police found Medof performing chest compressions on the naked Duarte once they showed up in the bloody scene, but emergency responders noted that Duarte made an appearance to stay in rigor mortis and her jaw had already locked stopping them from having the ability to perform mouth-to-mouth recitation.

“It made an appearance the victim have been deceased for any couple of hrs before the officials coming,” police stated.  

Medof told detectives he had woken up to obtain the accommodation covered in bloodstream and the girlfriend “beaten, bloody and unconscious.” He stated he’d attempted to wash her to obtain her to awaken but was unsuccessful at rousing Duarte, based on the report.

The night time before she was discovered dead, Medof allegedly told police the couple had become right into a verbal argument on Freemont Street. He stated he left her in the pub and came back towards the hotel alone, based on the report also acquired by KVVU-TV.

Medoff was spotted on surveillance footage coming back towards the hotel around 2:12 a.m. and Duarte adopted right after, coming around 2:25 a.m. The doorway towards the couple’s accommodation was opened up for any final time just moments later at 2:32 a.m., police stated.

Other visitors, who was simply remaining in the hotel, reported hearing exposure to noise in the room between 2 a.m. and three p.m. that seemed like a few quarrelling and moving furniture.

Through the next morning, Duarte was dead Medof was covered in injuries, including lacerations on his left bicep, left elbow, knees and right feet. Also, he had red marks on his rib cage, back shoulders and knees, based on the report.

Medof was taken into police headquarters for questioning but declined to reply to any queries and requested a lawyer.

When addressing the allegations against his client, defense attorney Robert Draskovich advised others to not jump to conclusions concerning the situation, based on KLAS.

“You never have a police report at face value,” he told this news outlet. “We are actually beginning our very own analysis, so we expect there to become more for this story.”

Based on Draskovich, Medof has additionally been studying to become lawyer.

Duarte’s household is now battling to handle the dying of the lady they referred to as driven and family-oriented.

“A individual who loved existence an individual who was always ready for adventure, loving, thoughtful,” her sister, Andrea Duarte, told this news outlet.

Duarte’s family stated she’d only been dating Medoff for a short while once the pair made the decision to accept visit to Vegas together.

Andrea stated she’ll are in possession of to find away out to take without her “other half.”

“This continues to be terrible,” she stated. “We haven’t experienced anything such as this. It’s been terrible.”

Anybody with details about the crime is advised to make contact with government bodies.

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