Man Suspects His Girlfriend Might Have Been Involved With A Murder After Strange Behavior

A Florida man thought he found the right mother for his youthful boy — until he found themself involved with military services weapons person’s situation. 

Individuals nearest to 25-year-old Dewayne Barrentine known him like a gentle giant having a heart to complement his size. A doting single father to his 6-year-old boy, Bubba, there is just one factor missing from his existence, which would be a lady that he could share his happiness.

“I was one of ‘em dads that, come hell or high water, I had been always destined to be within my son’s existence,” Dewayne told “Charmed To Dying,” airing Sundays at 7/6c on Archiweekend.

With Bubba’s mother absent in the picture, Dewayne would find his boy wishing for a brand new mother throughout his bed time hopes. It appeared Bubba’s hopes were clarified once the beautiful Tausha Fields started working at his daycare, and she required a desire for Dewayne.

Eventually, during the playground, among the daycare workers relayed a handwritten message to Dewayne with respect to Fields. She wanted him to her. During that first telephone call, which extended into the very next day, the happy couple hit them back as though they’d known each other for a long time.

The following day, Fields invited herself to Dewayne’s house during her lunch time. The connection hit the floor running, plus they grew to become intimate around the first meeting. Fields also began making an impact on Bubba by serving as a maternal estimate the youthful boy’s existence. Fields, too, were built with a youthful daughter, also it appeared the brand new couple had all of the makings of the happy, blended family.

Fields and her daughter moved along with Dewayne and Bubba within 30 days of meeting, although not everyone was as passionate concerning the romance.

“I particularly stated, ‘Dewayne, it is not good, that’s an awful idea,’” stated Dewayne’s mother, Lisa Barrentine. “And inside an hour, Tausha reaches the house wondering why I believe that’s an awful idea.Inches

However, all appeared to become running smoothly — until five several weeks later, when Bubba began experiencing abdominal troubles. Dewayne and the mother discovered Fields was giving Bubba a laxative several occasions each day, which Tausha described as the pharmacist’s instructions. She known the elixir as “magic water.”

“I remember Bubba was getting really, really pale and it was weak and it was not feeling good,” stated Dewayne. A doctor instructed Dewayne to consider Bubba from the medicine immediately.

“That would be a big warning sign for me personally,” Lisa told producers.

It might have been a misunderstanding, however that was only the beginning of numerous questions through the relationship. Fields seemed to become a pathological liar who frequently composed tales about her background, including as being a judge’s daughter or getting a basketball scholarship.

Skeptical of Field’s tales, Dewayne conducted research on the web to understand more about the lady residing in his home.

What Dewayne found was that Tausha Fields have been married to some person called Mitch Kemp of Boone County, Missouri. When, Dewayne faced Fields, she designed a surprising confession: She’d been married as many as five occasions by age 30. Kemp, whom she married two times, was husband figures 3-4.

Desperate to find out more, Dewayne’s mother arrived at to Fields’ father so that they can glean information.

“I stated, ‘My boy is dating your daughter, and that i simply need to speak with you about this,’” Lisa told producers. “He stated ‘Ma’am, I want you will not call me again, and inform your boy I stated, ‘Run.’”

Then, Fields called Dewayne and anxiously pleaded for help when her ex-boyfriend Keith overdosed on drugs. For now, Dewayne had not heard about the person. Dewayne put Keith into his truck and introduced him towards the hospital, where he earned an entire recovery. Upon his release, Dewayne asked Keith about Fields’ background as the two were alone. 

Based on Keith, Fields once drunkenly confessed that her fifth husband, Greg Morton, wiped out a guy in Missouri on her behalf. Keith figured the admission was one of Fields’ made-up tales.

Things only got worse in Dewayne and Fields’ relationship, enough where Fields physically attacked Dewayne and left bruises on his arms. He finally ended the connection.

“She had battered him as if you wouldn’t believe,” confirmed Dewayne’s mother.

Sometime following the breakup, Dewayne went on the pc, where Fields was still signed directly into her MySpace social networking account. Snooping through it, Dewayne found messages from relatives of her former husband, Mitch Kemp, whom she married two times. They wanted details about Kemp’s whereabouts.

Boone County Sheriff’s Office detective Tom O’Sullivan told producers Kemp’s mother and brother reported him missing at the end of 2004.

“They just hadn’t been told by him for numerous several weeks,” stated O’Sullivan.

Considering that Kemp had several warrants out against him for thievery-related charges, government bodies asked whether he under your own accord disappeared to flee possible incarceration. But there is zero manifestation of Kemp going anywhere: no movement in the accounts or activity together with his ssn.

Fields and Kemp had damaged things off in 2003, and Fields took their daughter together with her. Merely a couple of several weeks later, she met husband # 5, Greg Morton, in Missouri.  According to Kemp’s mother and her husband, the final time they saw Kemp was once they dropped him off at Morton’s farm.

As Florida and Missouri government bodies exchanged notes about Fields, they switched to her recent boyfriend, Dewayne, to discover where she was. Then they found her living with a brand new man in rural Alabama.

Government bodies asked her about Kemp’s disappearance, and she or he stated she was clueless that where he went.

Then, her story altered.

“Let me let you know precisely what happened,” Fields told government bodies throughout a recorded interview acquired by “Charmed To Dying.” “Greg wiped out Mitch … He explained he had shot him.”


Fields claimed Morton buried him on his farm.

“He explained he arrived on the scene there searching for me personally, plus they got inside a confrontation,” stated Fields, who claimed that they was off to get her daughter once the murder happened. Fields also also alleged Morton threatened to kill her and her daughter if she ever stated anything about Kemp’s murder.

“If they know which i said, he’ll take me and my baby’s existence, you hear me?” Fields told detectives.

Fields came investigators a roadmap of Morton’s old farm in Missouri, leading these to where she believed they’d find Kemp’s hidden body. Days later, they travelled her from Alabama to Missouri to assist them to.

Fields’ story altered once more and she or he said that she couldn’t remember where Kemp was hidden.

Without any body with no physical evidence that the murder happened, no arrests might be made, and investigators increased frustrated.

“It’s frustrating,” stated O’Sullivan. “Because i was attempting to bring some closure for this analysis.”

Also wanting closure was Dewayne.

“I was apprehensive. I had been concerned about her returning and retaliating for me personally doing all of this investigating and discovering her secret,” stated Dewayne. “I believe she’d kill if she figured she could pull it off.Inches

Investigators traveled to St Louis, Missouri to interview Morton, but he declined to cooperate. They made the decision to re-interview Fields, who again altered her story.

This time around, she said excitedly she understood precisely where Kemp’s body was.

Investigators travelled Fields out to Missouri once more. 4 years after Kemp’s disappearance, Fields led government bodies to his fully-dressed body hidden around the former property of Greg Morton.

The medical examiner determined Kemp was shot multiple occasions.

In 2008, both Greg Morton and Tausha Fields were charged with the murder of Mitch Kemp.

Shocked by her arrest, Fields changed her story during the last time. She then told investigators that they was getting cheating together with her ex-husband, and Morton shot him to dying inside a jealous rage. Fields also accepted to being present once the murder happened, a situation to be in the wrong place in the wrong time.

Government bodies stated Fields couldn’t maintain her very own lies.

Then came the break investigators needed: Greg Morton finally began to speak.

“Tausha had told [Morton] that Mitchell Wayne Kemp had raped her as well as their youthful daughter,” O’Sullivan told producers.

Fields then lured Kemp to Morton’s farm so Morton could shoot him to dying.

Government bodies didn’t believe Kemp raped Fields or their daughter, but think it is yet another manipulative story she told to obtain Morton to complete her bidding. These were also believing that the motive behind the killing am Fields could keep child custody of the daughter.

In return for his testimony, Morton required a plea deal and decided to a 19-year sentence for second-degree murder.

This Year, a jury found Tausha Fields responsible for first-degree murder. She was sentenced to existence without the potential of parole.

For additional about this situation yet others enjoy it, watch “Charmed To Dying” on Sundays at 7/6c on Archiweekend, or stream episodes here.

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