Man Sentenced To Twenty Years Imprisonment For Hate Crime Murder Of Transgender Teen Nikki Kuhnhausen

A Vancouver, Washington, man charged of killing transgender teen Nikki Kuhnhausen was sentenced Thursday to twenty years imprisonment.

A jury found David Bogdanov, 27, guilty at the end of August of second-degree murder and malicious harassment, that is a hate crime under Washington law, The Columbian reported.

Before sentencing, Clark County Superior Court Judge David Gregerson grew to become emotional, saying he was “struck through the darkness within this situation.”

Kuhnhausen, 17, was reported missing in June 2019, along with a walker found her skull within the forest near Larch Mountain in eastern Clark County in December 2019. Police arrested Bogdanov days later.

Prosecutors stated Bogdanov strangled Kuhnhausen having a mobile phone charger cord after learning she was transgender throughout a sexual encounter in the van.

After dumping her body, Bogdanov booked a 1-way flight to Ukraine and known as a buddy to “get rid” of his vehicle, based on trial testimony. He came back towards the U.S. about six days later.

Bogdanov’s attorneys claimed he was acting in self-defense and stated in the court they’d appeal the conviction and sentence.

Bogdanov testified he pressed Kuhnhausen away and yelled on her get free from his vehicle, which she lunged for any loaded gun he’d close to the driver’s seat. Bogdanov stated he wrapped the telephone charger round her shoulders to drag her away, however the cord tucked up round her neck.

Gregerson noted at sentencing there is some predation within the situation because Kuhnhausen was 17 and Bogdanov was 25 at that time and Bogdanov accepted during trial to giving Kuhnhausen alcohol.

The judge also noted testimony that Bogdanov lied to police throughout the six several weeks she didn’t have, prolonging the suffering and agony from the family and community.

Kuhnhausen’s mother, Lisa Forest, told the newspaper outdoors the courtroom that they feels the judge honored Kuhnhausen’s existence.

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