Man Seeks ‘Closure’ With Ex-Girlfriend — And Winds Up Murdered

Smart, good-searching, with charm to spare, Loren High were built with a way with females. However when one ex couldn’t get him to all to herself, he finished up dead. 

High was created in 1988 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was an only child and elevated by his mother and grandmother. 

“They had high expectations of Loren. He was elevated in a certain style with certain concepts and morals,” friend Curtis Peterson told Archiweekend’s “Snapped,” airing Sundays at 6/5c on Archiweekend.

As he was 18, High’s mother died suddenly from cardiac arrest. Buddies say he never was exactly the same. 

“After his mother died, Personally i think like a bit of him just left. He just didn’t understand how to fill that void,” former girlfriend Suzette Bourgeois told producers.

High had numerous female friends, sometimes dating three at any given time. He later fell deeply in love with a lady named Natasha, that he’d two kids. 

“He would be a great father. He read them books. He’d tuck them in during the night. He interceded together,” friend Kariba Watson told “Snapped.”

Loren and Natasha’s relationship wouldn’t last however they continued to be on good terms with regard to their kids. In 2015, High started dating Porsche Marie Humphery.

Humphery would be a “smooth talker,” according to Watson, having a confident attitude. However, a household tragedy while very young made indelible mark. 

“Her mother had wiped out her father before her when she was more youthful,” Humphery’s friend Laquisha Martin told “Snapped.” “Her mother is at prison. She was put in the machine. She switched to men to fill the space that they felt she didn’t receive from others.” 

While still in her own teens, Humphery started rapport having a man that she’d have four children. When she was 29, she started dating High. 

“He loved her like nobody had ever loved her. She felt like he was her dark night in shining armor and she felt like she would be around him forever,” Martin stated. 

High and Humphery spoken about marriage and youngsters but following a year their relationship began to falter. They fought against over money and  Humphery feared High could leave her for an additional lady.  

“She was an very jealous lady,” friend Amber Johnson told “Snapped.” “He had loved somebody’s publish on Facebook plus they were built with a full-fledged argument about this. So that they had damaged up next. He only agreed to be completed with the drama.”

Then, on February. 5, 2017, Curtis Peterson visited High’s Milwaukee home. Nobody had been told by him in days and individuals were beginning to fret. 

When High didn’t answer the leading door, Peterson let themself in. Inside, he found the 28-year-old around the family room floor, dead from the gunshot wound to his chest. Peterson known as police, who soon showed up in this area. 

The temperature inside High’s apartment was around 47 levels F. This meant his body was abnormally well-preserved it managed to get hard to look for the duration of dying. 

Investigators found a bit of glass around the family room couch which contained a mystery drug. A fingerprint was located on the glass.

Two .40 caliber bullet casings put together in the scene, based on court papers. Peterson told detectives High owned a .40 caliber gun that was missing in the home. No belongings were taken there weren’t any indications of forced entry. 

Detectives contacted Suzette Bourgeois, who resided in Atlanta and it was getting a lengthy-distance relationship rich in. She stated they conveyed daily which she’d last been told by him at roughly 7 p.m. on Feb 1. 

Bourgeois stated once they last spoke, High was depressed and discussed his ongoing troubles with Humphery. “Every single time he pointed out Porsche it had been something just either manipulative, mean, or cruel that they tried,” Bourgeois told producers.

Days earlier, Bourgeois have been on the video call rich in when Humphery stopped by, insisting she required to make use of the bathroom. 

“She visited the restroom and she or he arrived on the scene naked and laid over the couch,” Bourgeois told producers. “She began to complete one factor to another also it would get crazier and crazier each time. That’s as he was like completely completed with her.” 

Detectives spoken with a neighbor who claimed to possess seen High a few days before his body is discovered. “That closed your window from February. 3rd to February. fifth,” Milwaukee Police Detective James Hutchinson told “Snapped.”   

High’s friend KC Spencer spoken with police and completed the facts of his complicated love existence. 

“I could allow the police realize that Loren had began seeing another youthful lady in that time,” Spencer told “Snapped.” “Porsche have been in the existence lately and there was some issues.” 

Spencer states that although High only smoked marijuana, Humphery was recognized to dabble in harder drugs. 

Detectives contacted Humphery and requested her in the future set for a job interview. She confirmed that they and had an on-again, off-again relationship. While detectives requested questions, attempting to set up a timeline, Humphery started taking out receipts.  

“It’s documents that they states will show where she was at the time that they believes detectives are likely to speak with her about, that is February. 1,” Milwaukee County Assistant Attorney Grant Huebner told producers.

It was surprising to investigators.

“It was unusual to detectives in those days that she’s supplying this very detailed accounting of occasions on February. 1 when we thought at that time that Loren hadn’t been wiped out until February. 3rd,” Hutchinson told “Snapped.”

When requested concerning the glass available on High’s couch, Humphrey claimed she hadn’t visited his house in days. She also told conflicting tales if she’d ever handled High’s gun. By catching her inside a lie, detectives could arrest her for obstruction. 

Police looked Humphery’s home in nearby Waukesha. They confiscated several products of clothing which were wet and smelled strongly of cleaner, based on court papers. 

Then they interviewed Humphery’s sister, who stated she’d seen her on February. 2, 72 hours before High’s body have been found. 

 “On February. 2, Porsche’s declaring that sister Loren have been shot. Nobody understood that Loren have been shot. Nobody understood anything relating to this. This means that Porsche had information which nobody else on the planet had,” Huebner told producers.

High’s phone demonstrated no communication after February. 1, leading detectives to find out their timeline was wrong. They now believed he was really murdered 5 days before his body was discovered. 

High and Humphery have been texting all day long on February. 1, planning to satisfy up. Humphery sent your final text at 12:47 a.m. on Feb 2, saying “I hope you aren’t mad at me cause I did not stop by,” based on court papers. 

High had been texting with another girl he was seeing, DaShanell Harris. Investigators interviewed Harris who stated she’d spent the night time of Jan. 31, 2017, at High’s house.

Around the evening of February. 1, High texted Harris, “Having a significantly needed conversation with my ex to obtain closure. Wish me luck.” Harris stated the “ex” was Porsche Humphery, Milwaukee CBS affiliate WDJT reported in 2017.

Investigators requested Harris to check out images of the crime scene hoping that they might place something unnatural. 

“DaShanell could indicate the couch and state that this bit of glass using the drug residue onto it was basically not there when she left around the morning of February. 1,” Milwaukee Police Sergeant Nathan Butz told “Snapped.”

Tests revealed the substance around the glass was MDMA. “There would be a fingerprint present about this glass, a fingerprint belonging to Humphery,” Hutchinson described.

Investigators acquired video clip from of Humphery onboard a town bus at the time from the murder putting on the garments confiscated from her home, based on FOX 6 Now Milwaukee.  

Much more damning was Humphery’s mobile phone data. “What was important was that phone demonstrated a set — if I’m not mistaken — of over 100 hits between 7:30 and 11:30, hitting in the victim’s residence,” Huebner told producers.

Humphery was arrested and billed with first-degree reckless homicide on March 21, 2017. She ultimately pleaded guilty to second-degree reckless homicide within the shooting of Loren High. On March 23, 2018, she was sentenced to nine years imprisonment and the other six many years of extended supervision, based on FOX 6 Now Milwaukee.

Now 34, she’ll launch in 2027. 

For additional about this situation yet others enjoy it, watch “Snapped,” airing Sundays at 6/5c on Archiweekend.

Written by Stephanie Green

I am dreamer and book reader.

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