Man On Bond After Choking And Threatening His Wife Kills Her And Her Mother Before You Take Their Own Existence

Rob Varsos allegedly designed a chilling threat to his estranged wife after strongly strangling her when she came to get her possessions using their shared home.

“I will kill your family,” Varsos told his 31-year-old wife Marie Varsos, based on a police report acquired by “I will kill myself.”

Marie searched for refuge at the house of her mother, Deborah Sisco, but simply more than a month later—while Rob was on bond for that irritated assault—he transported out his threat, entering Sisco’s Lebanon home Monday morning equipped with a shotgun and shooting mom and daughter to dying before you take their own existence, police stated inside a statement.

PJ Sturdy, from the Lebannon Police, stated inside a press conference Monday that government bodies received two separate “very traumatic” 911 calls from both women around 7:30 a.m. Monday morning reporting a rest-in and shots fired in a residence at 1400 Whispering Oaks Drive in Lebanon.

Officials showed up to locate Sisco and Marie dead in your home and learned Shaun—who have been hurt throughout the incident—had fled inside a rented vehicle, government bodies stated.

Sturdy stated among the women could return fire and shoot Rob throughout the altercation prior to the women were wiped out.

Police could “monitor and track” the rental vehicle’s movements and eventually locate it in west Nashville, where they found Rob dead within it from what government bodies believe was likely a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

“Our ideas visit everybody that’s involved in cases like this, everyone people,” Sturdy stated, calling the it a “very tragic” incident.

Sturdy described the shooting like a “domestic-type situation” which had “been ongoing during the last several months” before it arrived at a breaking point.

Rob was launched on bond on March 11 after being arrested on charges of irritated assault having a deadly weapon and false jail time, stemming from the alleged attack on his estranged wife on March 7, based on local station WSMV.

Based on a Nashville Metropolitan Police Department report acquired by, Marie told police the pair was dealing with the divorce and she or he choose to go for their former the place to find collect her possessions when Rob faced her and blocked her from entering.

Marie requested whether she could get her possessions and Rob allegedly “became enraged and started yelling” at her.

She attempted to de-escalate the problem when walking away, but Marie told police Rob selected her up under her arm pits and placed her around the front porch of the house.

“The victim advised the suspect grabbed her round the neck with hands and started to use pressure,” the report mentioned.

Marie told police Rob strangled her until she lost awareness. When she obtained awareness, she was inside the home. Rob had her phone and keys, pulled her right into a “game room” in the house and brought out a semi-automatic pistol, based on the report.

He cocked the weapon, pointed it at her and threatened to kill her and her family. He ongoing to carry her at gunpoint for around an hour until she finally convinced him to allow her go out, she told police.

Police noted she’d “visible marks on her behalf neck in line with strangling” coupled with a chipped tooth that they believed she got while she was unconscious.

Marie had declared divorce on March 4, citing irreconcilable variations.  

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