Man In Prison For Pregnant Wife’s Beating Dying After Argument Over His Extramarital Matters

A Missouri man has been discovered responsible for beating his pregnant wife to dying following a disagreement about his extramarital matters.

Love Rothwell, 31, was discovered guilty on Thursday for that killing of Jennifer Rothwell, 28, based on an announcement in the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney. Throughout the three-day trial, Rothwell accepted in the court he hit Jennifer once within the mind having a hammer during a “red haze” in their Creve Couer, Missouri, home on November. 11, 2019.

Rothwell claimed he hit her again when she attempted to leave, something the prosecution stated was an admission the attack was deliberate.

“In heat of all things, I hit her again,” Rothwell testified, based on the St. Louis Publish-Dispatch. “I believe I cracked her skull, she fell unconscious, and fell lower the steps.”

Rothwell’s account, however, was challenged in the court.

“The Medical Examiner’s conclusions along with other physical evidence, however, didn’t support Rothwell’s narrative,” based on the statement. “The Medical Examiner testified the fatal wound right side from the victim’s mind was the effect of a single blow having a weapon much sturdier than the usual hammer, like a baseball bat.”

As formerly reported, Love Rothwell was charged with tampering with evidence on November. 14, 2019 – while his wife was still being missing – when surveillance camera taken him buying bleach, carpet cleaner, and mitts at the time from the murder. Government bodies also found “proof of the crime of murder” in the couple’s home, in which the carpets were drenched with bleach.

During child custody, the suspect directed investigators toward a wooded area off a highway where they found Jennifer’s naked body on November. 18, 2019, leading to murder charges. Based on the Publish-Dispatch, Rothwell wrapped his wife’s mind inside a plastic bag and guaranteed it with duct tape prior to trying to hide her within the brush near Troy, Missouri, about 1 hour north from the couple’s home.

The victim was six days pregnant.

Rothwell confessed to abandoning her vehicle to ensure that people would assume she encountered vehicle trouble on her behalf method to work and sent texts to her phone to look worried about her disappearance.

Rothwell went so far as to create a Facebook publish, that has since been taken lower, appealing for details about his missing wife.

Throughout the trial, Rothwell testified he and the wife started quarrelling as he declined to show the identity of his paramour, whom Jennifer allegedly known as his “mystery bitch,” based on the Publish-Dispatch. Also, he accused the victim of transporting another man’s child, which demonstrated to become false whenever a postmortem dna test identified Rothwell because the father.

It had been revealed throughout the analysis that Jennifer used her phone to find information about “what to complete in case your husband is upset you’re pregnant” shortly prior to the murder,

“In his notebook, he listed benefits and drawbacks that demonstrated he was deliberating whether or not to leave his pregnant wife for an additional lady, but worried that ‘the cost was excessive,’” mentioned the prosecuting attorney’s office. “In a Facebook message to another lady, he listed three options: break them back together with her, divorce his pregnant wife, or wait and expect a ‘miscarriage or something like that.’”

“The Condition contended that Rothwell finally made the decision that ‘something’ is always to kill his pregnant wife after which stage it as being a disappearance.”

Rothwell’s defense denied the state’s claims of premeditation, wishing the jury would convict the defendant on charges of voluntary wrongful death instead of murder within the first degree.

“The condition is attempting to show this extramarital affair into some kind of motive or deliberation,” stated defense attorney Charles Barberio. “There simply isn’t any evidence he ever planned to get it done.”

Prosecutors also challenged Rothwell’s claims he initially struck his wife close to the upstairs dining room table before she “rolled lower the basement steps” following a second blow. They stated all the victim’s bloodstream – that the defendant attempted and unsuccessful to hide – was discovered at the end from the basement steps, indicating he “ambushed the victim.”

A St. Louis County jury found him responsible for murder within the first degree, tampering with physical evidence inside a legal prosecution, and abandonment of the corpse.

“This is the reason why we all do this task,” stated Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell. “When we could bring justice to some family which has lost a family member and lost her in this brutal manner, there’s no better perspective of world. Hopefully, Jennifer can rest in peace, and her family can finally get closure. Justice was offered.”

Rothwell is scheduled for sentencing on This summer 8.

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